‘Disco Quake’-Christopher, 8, Hoon Hay School

Shake, rattle and roll – not again! Earthquake! I was on the deck in the middle of a Beyblade battle with Sam, Mason and James when the disastrous earthquake happened. People started screaming. Some doors were jammed so people couldn’t get out. I lost my balance and was bumped off the deck. I could see […]

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I was outside playing with my preschool friends and I felt the wobbles under my feet. It was so wobbly that I fell on the ground. Lots of the other kids were crying but I was brave I didn’t cry. I don’t like wobbles!

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I was watching TV in my sisters room and the wobbles started to come. I started to cry because it was so scary. Daddy ran to the room and held me until the wobbles stopped. The TV I was watching fell down and all the shelves with toys on it fell to the ground too. […]

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‘Earthquake’- Willi, 7, Hoon Hay School

Rattle, roll, boom, bang! I can sense danger in the air… E A R T H Q U A K E ! ! ! I was just out on the field playing soccer with my friend Ben when it happened. Yikes! My head nearly hit the tree. I was just about to score a good […]

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Well I was outside by Kate in front of Kate’s lunch area 4 min’s later I felt a shake I got in to the turtle position, i felt very scared and i was shaking i called out for help, and Mr Lynch came he took me to the library teacher then that teacher took me […]

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“We made a big circle”-Kate, 9, Wairakei School

I was eating my lunch and talking to my friends when the school started shake I was terrified and got down and covered my head. Once it had finished some of my friends were crying we made a big circle to make sure everyone was o.k. When we got home we saw dvd’s on the […]

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“Covered our heads”-Emma, 9, St Albans School

Me and my class had just gotten off a bus we had came back from jellie park. we were at our swimming sports when it started we shot down into a ball and coverd our heads. there was a big pole about 45 meters away from us and it was swaying from side to side we […]

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‘My story’-Kate, 12, Ashgrove School

When the earth shook on the 22nd of February I was playing on the playground with my friend Hunter. We had been doing technology at Rangiora Borough. When it started I fell off the playground and then sat on the ground waiting for it to finish. The quake lasted 30 seconds, Hunter and I sat […]

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‘My story’- Oliver, 9, Queenspark School

On Tuesday at lunchtime we were playing last man standing. I was on the monkeybars, then the earthquake happend. While it was happening i quickly ran out of the playground to the field then i did the turtle. i was playing with Cael, Dougie, Sam, Caleb, Angus, and my other friends they were all safe, from Oliver.

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I was at my kindy and the ground started shaking, The teacher said ‘Get Down’ We made a Turtle. when the ground stopped shaking we got up and played some more until my mummy came to pick me up and I rang straight to her and hugged her tight. I got a little hurt on […]

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‘My story’-Isabelle, 5, St Josephs School

I was putting my lunch box away and run out to where we play to hide beneath a table. Then we went down the field into lines of boys and girls and my Daddy arrived to pick me up and put me in the car.

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We were having our lunch when there was an earthquake. We jumped up but nearly fell over. It was hard to be a turtle because it was really shaky and hard to balance.  When the shaking stopped we tried to put our lunch boxes away but the teachers were running over to us and told […]

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“I wanted my Mummy”- Ethan, 6, Harewood School

I saw pictures in the newspaper. It was sad. People died. There were fire engines, police cars and ambulances. There are collapsed buildings. I did the turtle at school. I wanted my Mummy.

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On Tuesday I was at school and the place shook like jelly! I knew what had happened, it was an earthquake or maybe it was just an aftershock. I ducked down and covered under the bench I was sitting on. My lunch box jumped out of my hands and into the air. The whole school […]

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I was at school playing on the playground and I felt the big earthquake, and then I had to go down off the playground.  It was really scary and I had to go out to the field with Mr MacDonald and my teacher.  I had to stay in a line and it was wet on […]

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‘My story’- Violet, 5, Sumner School

When I was at school I feeled the earthquake and our teacher came inside with room 3 because the earthquake was still shaking. I was eating my sausage and the sausage fell out of the bread. And we had to go on the field to be safe. We had to walk over to another school […]

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‘The Big Earthquake’-Isla, 7, Sumner School

On Tuesday there was a big earthquake at lunchtime. It was so big it knocked me over on to the concrete. I felt sad because it hurt me. Then all the school had to go onto the field. Then I found my friends and my sister and I checked that she was ok. I was […]

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