“I wanted my Mummy”- Ethan, 6, Harewood School

I saw pictures in the newspaper. It was sad. People died. There were fire engines, police cars and ambulances. There are collapsed buildings. I did the turtle at school. I wanted my Mummy.

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  1. ella says:

    Dear Ethan

    I am so sorry that the big earthquake came and made things hard for a while there.

    I am so pleased you did the turtle at school, your teachers would have looked after you very carefully and that’s a good thing.

    When you saw Mummy you would have felt so happy and I reckon she would have felt just as happy to see you too!

    We are strong people in New Zealand and you are one too! Well done.

    I want you to remember Ethan that there are lots and lots of people in New Zealand and in the whole world that are thinking of you all the time.

    Take care. From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Room 16 Omanu School Mt Maunganui says:

    Hi Ethan,
    We have an Ethan in Room 16 too and he is 5. We have been practising the turtle too. We think you are brave. It is very sad about the earthquake. We hope you can go back to school soon.
    Love from all the children in Room 16

  3. chrissie braid says:

    hello Ethan and thankyou for your story. We are looking at the newspaper and the television and it does look very bad and scary. I hope you are managing to do some nice things and be with your family.

    chrissie in palmerston north

  4. Mrs Greenwood says:

    Hi Ethan
    You did the right thing being a turtle when the earthquake happened. Everyone was very brave at school and I was so proud of you all. It was good we could have some songs, stories and cuddles and stay safe while we waited for our mums or dads.

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