“Covered our heads”-Emma, 9, St Albans School

Me and my class had just gotten off a bus we had came back from jellie park. we were at our swimming sports when it started we shot down into a ball and coverd our heads. there was a big pole about 45 meters away from us and it was swaying from side to side we thought it was going to fall down but it didn’t .when we got into school the bark around the spider web was all moving around there was also alot of silt every where we walked over to the court where everyone else was. my mum or dad couldin’t get there so my mums friend who lives down the road took me and my sister to her house then about 30 minutes later dad came to pick us up and took us home.

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  1. ella says:

    Hi Emma

    Thanks so much for writing your story on here, it helps us know what is happening in Canterbury and how it has been for you children.

    I am pleased the pole didn’t fall and that although there was silt everywhere you managed to get through.

    I am sure you were very pleased to see Mum and Dad and I am sure too that they would have been very happy to see you too.

    Remember Emma that lots of people including me are thinking of you lots and trying to help as best as we can.

    Please send my best wishes to your family and friends.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Emma and Freya says:

    Was it a very scary moment?
    Are you ok what does your school look like now? did you get a big fright?
    Freya and i thought your story was freaky.emma do you now that i am called emma too and i have a fracterd arm it is my right arm and that is my writing arm. Do you now that it is our swiming sports this Thursday the 3rd of March?

  3. Emme.G says:

    Hello I have a cousin called Emma! Are you still scared? Well matua school had to be quiet for 2 mins to think about you guys!We all do hope you guys will be safe for a couple days.Did you know that the north island might be a earth quake at the 6th of march on friday? Lets hope you will be all right!BY

  4. Emme.G says:

    Wow it must have been very scary.we had camp last week it was really fun.Hope you are alright.

  5. Alex says:

    Hi Emma

    I am very saddened to hear about the earthquake. Do you like swimming? :)
    The earthquake must have been much more destructive then the September 7.1.
    We had a two minute silence at my school today, and are having a red and black day to fundraise this Friday. Keep smiling :P


  6. Issy Pasley&Amelia Hartley says:


    I hope you had fun at Jellie Park but am really sorry to hear your lovely day got ruined!!!
    You sound so brave and mature and I hope you and your family are all okay!!!
    You were lucky you had such a nice friend whose mum looked after you!!!

    Issy and Amelia xx

  7. Emma oxox says:

    Thanks I had fun at Jellie park I won a few races. My family is all ok and my house got a green sticker how about your house? Geuss what my friends in my class attually laughed about it they were trying to make everyone feel better! The lady there was really nice her name is Jackie and geuss what there was a guy there who was juggling apples and giving out jelly beans he was really funny!!!

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