‘My story’- Violet, 5, Sumner School

When I was at school I feeled the earthquake and our teacher came inside with room 3 because the earthquake was still shaking. I was eating my sausage and the sausage fell out of the bread. And we had to go on the field to be safe. We had to walk over to another school field and Mummy came to get us in a stranger’s car. I felt brave and my teacher said I was a brave girl. We heard all the Mums and Dads come and get all the kids.

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  1. ella says:

    Hello Violet

    Thank you for writing about your time on Tuesday when the earthquake came.

    Room 3 must have had a little bit of a mess in it with your sausage on the floor and probably some other children’s lunches there too. Never mind.

    I am glad you went to the field to be safe and even more glad that you were so brave.

    We New Zealanders are very strong people and you are one of the best!

    Lots of people all over the world are thinking of you now and your family and hoping for the very best.

    Best wishes from Ella in Auckland.

  2. Room 16 Omanu School Mt Maunganui says:

    Hi Violet
    We are room 16 at Omanu School in Mt Maunganui. We are 5 and 6 years old. We read your story and we hope you safe now. We think you are a brave girl too. Hope you can go back to school soon
    Love from all the children in Room 16

  3. Soana says:

    Sorry to hear what has happened to all of you in Christchurch. We are all thinking of you and your families at this time

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