“We made a big circle”-Kate, 9, Wairakei School

I was eating my lunch and talking to my friends when the school started shake I was terrified and got down and covered my head. Once it had finished some of my friends were crying we made a big circle to make sure everyone was o.k. When we got home we saw dvd’s on the ground and in my room my duchess were open and my big sisters room was a shambles it had drawers open and some of her ornaments fell down one of them broke but we’re ok.

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  1. ella says:

    Hey Kate

    So pleased to hear you and your friends are ok.

    What you did by covering your head and making the big circle was very sensible and a good way to make yourselves safe.

    I am sure it was a shock to see all the stuff over the floor and will need a lot of clearing up.

    Millions of people all over the world are trying to help right now, complete strangers, people who have been to NZ, some will have been to Canterbury and then there are all the New Zealanders who are raising monies so that we can rebuild and make sure you get all your lovely things back.

    Please send my very best wishes to your family and friends and of course to you!
    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Emme.G says:

    did you surivie I hope so?

  3. kassidy says:

    hello Kate
    I think it would be scary!
    today we had two minutes of silence for you with all the earthqukes happening.
    on friday we are going to have a mufty day and bring a gold coin donation for you.
    I’m so glad your o.k.


  4. Sahani says:

    HI Kate this is sahani
    i hope you are o.k
    i see that you had a really bad day while staying at school with your friends
    its horrible when you have a big distruct in your neighbourhood
    its good that you all stayed together in a big group.
    so stay safe and dont get hurt.

  5. aliyah says:

    hi. I wish that you are O.K. AND THAT you stayed in a group was the best thing to do.

  6. velda says:

    Are you O.K. I am very sad about the things that happened to you .Ihope that you are alright!!

  7. Neha says:

    I hope you people are ok .I am very SORRY.

    hope you people are SAFE!!

  8. Miss McClurg says:

    What a scary time you have had! I’m so pleased you are ok and it is only ornaments that have been broken. Well done for covering your head quickly to stay safe. I hope you gave all of the teachers and your friends a big hug! Keep safe.
    All my love and thoughts are with everyone at Wairakei.
    Miss McClurg :)

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