“I hope they stop soon”- Molly, 5, Christ the King Primary School

We were having our lunch when there was an earthquake. We jumped up but nearly fell over. It was hard to be a turtle because it was really shaky and hard to balance.  When the shaking stopped we tried to put our lunch boxes away but the teachers were running over to us and told us to stay away from the building and to line up. We had to go to the grass with everyone from our class. Lots of people were crying waiting for their Mums and Dads. There was more shaking while we were waiting. I patted my friend and gave her a cuddle so she wouldn’t cry.  Daddy came and got me and we waited for Mummy and Declan (my brother) in the car park at school. They were in Lincoln but came to the school straight away.  Daddy had to go back to work to make sure everything was ok there. He got stuck in town then and it was hours before he came home.

We had no power at home and everything was messy. We sat beside the front door and played dominos and cards and read stories.  There were a lot of earthquakes while we waited for Daddy. Declan calls them earthcakes, and he doesn’t like them. We had a barbeque for tea at Narnie & Poppas house and then the power came back on so we went home. We all slept in Mummy & Daddys bed.  I prayed for all the people who were hurt and stuck in the earthquake. Mummy says we were very lucky that all our family were safe. There wasn’t much room in Mummy & Daddys bed and there was lots of shaking during the night and it kept waking us up.  Me and Declan are back in our own beds now. Mummy said she comes in during the night if there are any shakes to make sure we are ok. I hope they stop soon and never come back.

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  1. ella says:

    Kia ora Molly

    I think it is lovely when you can cuddle up to Mummy and Daddy at night to make you feel safe even if it is a bit squashed.

    The earthquake (or earthcake) was a big one and many people stayed awake which is a shame as so many were very tired.

    I hope you have managed to get some sleep and are not too tired now.

    You are very kind to think of other people. You may like to know that there are people all over the whole world thinking of you too and your Mummy and Daddy and all your family.

    We are all thinking of you so much and really hope that the shaking will stop.

    From Ella in Auckland.

    • Gabes and Molly says:

      you sound so brave.
      We are so glad that you are alright. Our school is going to do a Funky Hair Day so we can send the money to you. We are going to give cans of food. We hope you are feeling better.

      Best wishes Gabes and Molly.

  2. lily says:

    WOW! that must have been such a scary experience. You are so brave Molly! I don’t think I would survive through something like that. I am sorry that this happened to you. Our whole school is doing a whacky hair day to raise money for the damages of Christchurch. I just can’t believe that this happened to you again. You are very lucky you’re not badly injured. I hope it doesn’t happen again and hope everything gets back to normal. LOTS of love Lily

  3. Tarras says:

    I am so sorry the earthquake hit you. It’s unfair so many people lost their lives. You are so brave about all the things that has come over you. I’m glad you and you’re friends aren’t hurt. We are going to have a Wacky Hair day to fundraise lots of money.

    from Tarras

  4. Hattie says:

    Dear Molly
    I am so sorry that this earthquake has happened to you. You are very brave. Omanu School in Mount Maunganui is having a whacky hair day on Friday to raise money for Christchurch. That must of been a very scary day for you . I’m glad that your family is ok. It is so sad that this has happened to you again and you are still getting all of those aftershocks. I hope everything is ok for you.
    I hope you get to school soon.
    Love from Hattie

  5. brody says:

    28th of February

    Oh that must of been scary. I hope no one got hurt and I hope the buildings did not break. I am so sorry. I hope no one died in the school. I hope no one got injured. To help we are having a wacky hair day. We are allowed to bring money for the red Cross.

    by Brody

  6. Amelia says:

    Dear Molly
    I’m sorry you had to go through this again. It must be scary for you I know i would be scared . At my school we are having a Wacky Hair Day to raise money for you and everyone in Christchurch. I’m glad you are a good friend. In the weekend we sold some plants and raised $400. W’re thinking of you and your family.
    Love from Amelia

  7. chrissie braid says:

    This sounds so scary Molly and you sound so brave. I am glad you are all ok and tell Declan we hope the earthcakes stop soon. Thankyou for all the details about the scary day.

    chrissie in palmerston north

  8. anita says:

    ngawww i feel soo sad about this story!
    hope yous were all safe!!
    sounds like you are a brave person Molly

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