‘The Big Earthquake’-Isla, 7, Sumner School

On Tuesday there was a big earthquake at lunchtime. It was so big it knocked me over on to the concrete. I felt sad because it hurt me. Then all the school had to go onto the field. Then I found my friends and my sister and I checked that she was ok. I was crying because I was worried about my Mum and Dad and my dog Eddie. Then we started to walk over to Van Ash School for safety. While I was walking there I saw my Mum and she came to pick me up and that made me feel really happy. Then we went to find my sister – she was already at the park. Then we went home and the house was a mess and there was no power or water so we stayed at our friend’s house for a night. That night there was a lot of aftershocks in thedark and that was pretty scary too. The next day we left Christchurch to stay at my Aunties house in Blenheim. I feel pretty safe here.

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  1. ella says:

    Kia ora Isla

    I am so pleased you feel safe now, that’s very important. You have been very brave in this time of the earthquake and I am sorry you hurt yourself on the concrete.

    How kind of you to check your sister was ok. Crying is good for us to get rid of the difficult thoughts we have sometimes, it sort of cleans them out.

    I hope you have a lovely restful time in Blenheim with your family and that your hurt is getting better.

    Please send my best wishes to your family and keep some for yourself!

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. kayla Hutchinson says:

    It must have been so scary being on the playground. Especially if it broke . We are fundraising money for you and christchurch . by having a wacky hair day. I hope your school will be alright and it can be rebuilt. I hope your’e alright too. from Kayla

  3. Jasmin Mcveigh says:

    I feel so so sad for you and the rest of christchurch .I wouldn’t blame you for moving out of Christchurch because have been so many aftershocks and it must be scary. It must be so, so devastating in the earthquake with all the people that have died. I’m happy that you are safe now with your family.

  4. Anahera says:

    Dear Isla
    my name is anahera and I go to arataki shcool in mount maungan. I hope you kids are safe and I hopeyou alright I feel sorry for you and I hope you can go back to school soon and I feel sad to.Best wishes Anaahera

  5. Internet says:

    It’s a big tragedy in Japan. Earthquake, tsunami now problems in nuclear plant and three patients at a hospital tested positive for radiation exposure… I can’t understand why we can’t predict and to resist such a tragedies? We are able to send man to the moon, we are able even to explore Mars, and we can’t protect ourselves on Earth? Japanese, I’m with you.

  6. Holly O'Loughlin says:

    hi Isla its Holly I know what it was like because i was there with you
    from your friend Holly

  7. cameron says:

    isia sorry you got hurt and hope you your freindsand family get better soon sorry this terrible dissaster
    happend to you best of luck and wishes for all of you be brave.

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