‘Get Down’- Christopher, 4, Kidsfirst kindergarten

I was at my kindy and the ground started shaking, The teacher said ‘Get Down’
We made a Turtle. when the ground stopped shaking we got up and played some more until my mummy came to pick me up and I rang straight to her and hugged her tight.
I got a little hurt on my tummy I was scared.

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  1. ella says:

    Hi Christopher

    I am so happy your Mummy came to pick you up from school after the earthquake. She would have been very happy to see you, just as much as you I reckon.

    I hope your tummy feels better soon.

    All of us in New Zealand are thinking of you and lots of people outside of the country are too, so please take care and send my very best wishes to your family and friends.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Kelsey says:

    I to was very scared in the earthquake.
    Hope your tummy is better now.

  3. Akansha and Sheetel says:



    I can’t believe little kids weren’t that scared. If I was there I would panic. It’s good that people didn’t argue with the rescuers and police because that gave them more time to search for people.


    I was scared when the earthquake happened because my family was in Christchurch and my aunt got lots of cuts and bruises on her face.

  4. Kendall says:

    Dear Christopher
    I’m very sorry that this terrible earthquake hit you and your kindergarten and we’re doing a whacky hair day on Friday and we are raising the money for you and I hope that it doesn’t happen to you again. You are very brave and it sounded very scary.
    From Kendall,8,Omanu school,Rm 18.

  5. chrissie braid says:

    I’m glad you are ok Christopher and I hope your tummy is better now. Your mummy would have been so glad to see you and hug you. I hope it is not so scary now.


  6. Room 12 Omanu School says:

    We hope you are ok now. (Samuel)
    We hope the earth stops wobbling for you. (Jared)
    We hope you feel better soon. (Aria)
    We hope you feel ok (Stella)
    We hope you have a good day today (Emily)
    I hope you felt better when the earthquake stopped (Amelie)
    We hope your family is safe and well (sophie)
    I am pleased you knew what a turtle was and you knew what to do (Matthew)
    I hope your kindegarten is ok and you can go back soon (Libby)
    How is your house? (Wiliiam)
    We are so sad that this happened to you (libby)
    I hope your friends are all ok too. (Ameilie)

  7. bonowai&raymond says:

    im very glad that your ok i hope that your freinds and familys are ok;] raymond&bonowai

  8. bonowai&raymond says:

    im so happy that your ok and i hope that your freinds and familys are ok.


  9. bonowai&raymond says:

    im very sorry christopher and i hope that your freinds and familys are ok.


  10. Damien says:

    As soon as i saw the earthquake on the news i falt so sorry for all the people
    who had died.



    Your mum must of been so happy to see that you were alive. :)

  11. Tals says:

    I hope u guys are alright.We are having a muffty day for all of u.That would of been scary.

    From Natalia

  12. Soana and Alex says:

    you are so lucky and good that you went under a table.

  13. Chansys says:

    Ihope your tummy is alright now keep safe.

  14. Lovilani and Ana Jaimin says:

    sorry about your school we feel sorry for you and we hope your ok. by JAIMIN And lovilani

  15. Issy Pasley&Amelia Hartley says:

    Hi Christopher,

    We are very sorry to hear about what happened we were so shocked and wishing all of you well!
    I’m glad your mummy came and picked you up so fast and I hope all of your family are okay!!
    You sounded very brave and mature!
    I hope this doesn’t happen again!

    From Issy and Amelia xxx

  16. Veronika says:

    Hello, Christopher
    That is terrible what has happened in Christchurch. I really hope you and your family members are all ok. You are very brave to go through this!
    I hope this doesnt happen again

    Thinkin about you
    veronika xxxxx :)

  17. Amber Riethof says:

    Hi Christophoer,
    I hope you were ok when it hit and i’m happy you didn’t get hert.I hope the town will rebuild ok

    From Amber Rirthof
    5L Emerald Primary School Victoria Australia.:)

  18. Jenay C says:

    hi christopher,
    It is terrible what has happened in Christchurch. I`m glad you are ok and hope you`r family is ok too.:)

    from Jenay C emerald primary school (Australia)

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