“Shook like jelly”-Eloise, 7, Christ the King Primary School

On Tuesday I was at school and the place shook like jelly! I knew what had happened, it was an earthquake or maybe it was just an aftershock. I ducked down and covered under the bench I was sitting on. My lunch box jumped out of my hands and into the air. The whole school had to go into the field. It was drizzling a bit. Our teachers made sure everyone was safe and warm.  We played ‘21’ while we were waiting for our parents. Dad came to get me and Evelyn. The aftershocks kept going when we got home. We had power and water so lots of family and friends came to our house to stay. My Auntie and Cousin stayed for a few days, their house was a bit of a mess.  Mum made lots of food for our family and friends.  We have stayed at home and played, but today we went to Church to ask God to look after people who need his help. It is important to think about how to help others in need.  We went out for a big walk and play at the park today. I can’t wait to see my friends, my teacher and my classroom when we are allowed to go back to school.  I don’t know what day that will be when we can go back. My little sister and Mum are allowed to go back to Pre-school tomorrow. Love from Eloise.

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  1. ella says:

    Kia ora Eloise

    Thanks for sharing your story with lots of people on this website.

    What a shock for you when this earthquake came but how good you were to duck and get under the bench, well done.

    It seems as is if you have great teachers that looked after you until your Dad came to pick you up.

    What good luck to have water and power at your house, it would have been lovely for everyone to go there and feel comforted by you and your family.

    How kind of you to think of others in this time and I am pleased you went to church today, that would have helped you too.

    Please send my kind wishes to your family, friends and school. And remember we are all one huge family worldwide and we are thinking of you.

    From Ella in Auckland.

    • Sharday/Chantelle says:

      Kia ora
      hello Eloise my name is sharday im so sorry about Christchurch’s earthquake we’ve been fundraising
      for red
      cross foundation. Im sorry if one of your ralatives have past away we have been trying soo hard
      helping you lately with Christchurchs earthquake nearly every body is very worried they have been trying
      call everybody in Christchurch and see if there ok and keep them calm

  2. chrissie braid says:

    Hello Eloise and thankyou for your story. It sounds like a very scary day. I hope you can get back to school soon and all youir friends. It is good you had power and water and that you could have your friends and family over. It sounds like you are helping people in need.

    Chrissie in palmerston North

  3. Michael Gouldstone says:

    hi Eloise it must have been really scary i live in Auckland hope everyone is ok our family gave heaps
    to Christchurch hopefully aftershocks stop soon
    Michael age 12

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