“We are very lucky”-Gemma, 6,

On Tuesday  there  was an earthquake.when the  earthquake happened   i  was at school  we were just  having  lunch. i  was  just  about to stand  in  the playground.the teachers came and told us to go out on the grass. more earthquakes happened it was scary.  my mum came to pick me up. we could not get […]

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The day of the earthquake was very scary I thought I might die. The whole school tipped up and felt like it was going sideways – like a wave, and I screamed and cried, and I wanted my mum.  Everyone in the school ran out into the field and to me this is another whole […]

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‘TERRIFYING!’-Madeleine, 8, St Albans School

Oh my gosh I can`t belive what just happened. Nearly 6 months ago Christchurch had a 7.1 earthquake. Now in Christchurch we had a 6.3 earthquake but it felt like 8.9. When it hit I was putting my lunch box away and i thought all was peaceful. My teacher Miss Lythgoe grabbed me and some […]

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‘I dont like the shakes’- Shelby, 3

At Amys house the earthquake made me very scared, it moved the house and it was shaking and shaking like it would break but it didn’t break.  Some of the shelf things fell down and the roof nearly fell down and we just went like turtles and then had a big big cuddle. I dont […]

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“I got scared”- Rhys, 7, Windsor School

When the earthquake happened I  got scared. I was at school I was playing  and I rocked around. my grandad picked me up, I was excited.

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The “Shakey Shakey” came and I was in my bedroom playing with lego. Mum came and got me and we went under the table. I was scared. We went to Nana & Pop’s house and I stayed there with Nana and played with toys and Mum went to get my big brothers from school. My […]

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‘The earth was breaking’- Ethan, 3

I was at pre-school, and the earth was breaking, and we got under the table, and we cuddled, and I was brave, and I had a lolly, and that’s the end of the story.

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‘My story’- Abigail, 3, Barnardos Kidstart

When the earthquake happened I was very scared. Jacquie, Emma, Rachael, Chelsea and Jack were there too. We were having lunch and jumped under the table and held on to the table legs. I was ducking down when Mummy came and I popped my head up and saw her. When we came out, there was […]

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“Duck, duck, duck!”-Rosie, 5, Wairakei School

I was at Wairakei School and I was eating lunch. When the earthquake happened I was still sitting down, and the Duty Teachers all said “Duck, duck, duck!”  One of my mates was at the toilet when the earthquake happened. I said “Imagine if someone was on the monkey bars when it happened!” We met […]

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I was playing near my classroom when It happened I grabbed hold of the blue ramp poles tightly as the earthquake took place.  I was very dizzy and scared. My teacher Mrs Wilson was in my class room so I felt a little safe. Everyone in my class started crying but not me and my […]

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“I was up a tree”-Harrison, 8, Waimairi School

I had had my lunch and was playing on the field with my friends, I was up a tree. When the earth started moving. I quickly jumped down from the tree and landed on the ground. There was liquidfaction just infont of me. It suddenly stopped and I got up and run over to the […]

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Tuesday the 22 February I was in the School Hall it was the middle of Kapahaka when a 6.3 happened just before 1:00pm. There was only one teacher in their with us as there were about 60 students in there at the same time. We all had to get into a turtle position. Most of the little kids were […]

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‘My story’- Kate, 6, Halswell School

On Tuesday there was an earthquake and I was in my class room when the  earthquake happened and our Teacher Mrs Lee was not in our class room 6 because it was lunchtime but we had wet day monitors.  I felt scared.  We got under the desks.  Then Mrs Lee came into room 6.The end.

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‘My Story’- Amber, 9, Parkview Primary

I was at the library at school, there was a big 2D cardboard rocket it fell on my head. Everyone beat me to the tables, desk and doorway. Since the bookshelves are on wheels they were going up and down the library. I finally got to the other side of the library and only got […]

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“Holy Cow”- Cael,9, Queenspark School.

On tuesday i was playing hunt at lunchtime. And i just ran down this lane and then i herd somthing coming like a bumpy loud thing coming right at the lane i was in and so i ran as fast as i could but i could of not make it to Dougie,Oliver and all my […]

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I was sleeping and when the earthquake came, Mummy jumped onto my bed and  woke me up, Mummy was wearing no clothes because she was just about to get into the bath.  Everything fell down when I was asleep. I was feeling brave when the earthquake came.

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Ok so here’s the first thing I was just eating my sandwich and started shaking and that made me cry. Mrs P said duck down children. Then I ducked down, I was feeling scared because I thought Mary my 9 week old sister had died. I was thrown off my bench I was sitting on. […]

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