“I don’t Like Wobbles!”-Alyia, 3, Small World Preschool

I was outside playing with my preschool friends and I felt the wobbles under my feet.

It was so wobbly that I fell on the ground. Lots of the other kids were crying but I

was brave I didn’t cry. I don’t like wobbles!

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  1. ella says:

    Hi Alyia

    I don’t like wobbles either, they make lots of people fall over.

    You were made very brave and strong and I hope you stay that way.

    Please send my best wishes to your family and friends.

    Take care, I am thinking about you lots.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Natalie says:

    Dear Alyia,

    I’m so sorry that the wobbles came they must have been very scary. Lucky you all were so Brave.!!!!! It shocks me even though I’m 10!

    Yours Sinceraly


  3. David says:

    Dear Alyia,
    You are brave because i would be scared if i was in the earthquake

    From David

  4. sophie adams says:

    you are a really brave girl and i don’t like wobbles eather from sophie mangapapa age 10

  5. Shane Handley says:

    Man your so brave if the wobbles came here Ill be runing

  6. Maxine says:

    Cute! Sorry about the earthquake Alyia. Mother earth is mean sometimes, but look after her.

  7. aliyah says:

    hi I hope your all right down there and thats good that you were brave because if I was there i will just run and burst out to tears!

  8. Lette and Leauga says:

    Hi sorry you had to go through

  9. Lette and Leauga says:

    Hey what you up to im sorry you had to go through that mess.
    We are so happy that you didnt get hurt from the eartquake.

  10. velvet says:

    I hope you and all your loved ones are safe and okay!!!

  11. jaedeci says:

    I am really sorry ton hear about the earthquake that happend it would of been really scary.
    I hope all of your friends are ok. I hope that you and your parants are ok too.I also hope that all of your family are ok.

  12. evangelina says:

    Dear Alyia.
    Hello how are you?
    are your family ok/

    you are so brave that the wobbles came and you and your friends and we hope you dont stay at christchurch and that you live your life somewhere alse.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Aunty Donna says:

    Hey sweety, aunty Donna here. You are sooooooo brave, what a clever girl. Miss you and love you heaps. XXX

  14. Jamie Allen says:

    Hi Alyia

    I hope you and your family are all ok.It must be horrible to be in an earthquake.
    I am in Parakai,Auckland I have been haering more on the news.My Aunt lives in Christchurch and her house is a bit damaged.
    I have put pictures on the wall in my Classroom at school.

    From Jamie

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