“I hope my friends are ok”-Evelyn, 5, Christ the King Primary School

I was at school playing on the playground and I felt the big earthquake, and then I had to go down off the playground.  It was really scary and I had to go out to the field with Mr MacDonald and my teacher.  I had to stay in a line and it was wet on the grass. Then I went into room 10 to wait for Mum or Dad to come.  I couldn’t get my stuff because Mr MacDonald said it might not be safe and things had come down. Dad came to get me and Eloise, and daddy had to sign on a piece of paper to get us.  When we got home there were more bumps and we waited for Mum and Helena to come home.  We had water and shelter and we watched some videos.  I hope my drink bottle and bag are ok at school. I’ve been playing games on my school blog.  I hope my friends are ok. The end. love Evelyn.

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  1. ella says:

    Hello Evelyn

    What a good write up you have done here. I can get a good picture in my mind what happened at your school when the big earthquake came.

    The field would have been a safe place especially with Mr MacDonald and your teacher, shame it was a bit wet though.

    I am sure you were very happy to see Daddy and he would have been very happy to see you too. And then when Mum and Helena came home I expect you had a big hug.

    Your drink bottle and bag will be ok at school and if not then I am sure it would be easy to get a nice new one. What do you think?

    Please remember I am thinking of you and your friends and family and hoping you are alright.

    Best wishes from Ella in Auckland.

  2. Eszter says:

    Dear Evelyn
    My name is Eszter and I go to arataki school in MountMaunganu.Im glad to hear you survived.I bet it was scary.Ive been in a small tsunani but I havent been in a earthquake.I feel for thosewho have past away or are injred.Best wishes Eszter

  3. Tui says:

    Dear Oliver
    my name is tui Im 8. I go to Arataki school in mount maunganui. Hi I feel very sad that you were in an earthquake but Im very happy that you are okay. best wishes from tui Arataki.shcool. mount maunganui

  4. kini says:

    I feel sorry for your friends and family who had to put up with the earthquake and I hope you get better.


  5. kini says:

    Hi I am 11 years old.Our school is donating money for the 6.3 magnitude at christchurch and all the money we donate all goes to the earthquake at Christchurch.


  6. kini says:

    dear girl
    mr macdonald was right do not go outside when there are cracks in the grass from the 6.3 magnitude and always stay under a desk.


  7. Todd Mitchell says:

    Hi Evelyn,
    so pleased you and your family are safe. Like my family. I think we were very lucky to be at school together with our friends as after the last earthquake we didn’t know how our school friends or teachers were. I hope school isn’t closed for too long.. You should come by for a swim we’d love to see you all, stay safe from your old friend Todd

  8. Caleb says:

    how is your school and our play grond?

  9. lea says:

    I REALLY REALLY HOPE YOUR FRIENDS ARE OK.it must of been a very scary exprience for you and i also hope you and your family are:o

  10. Nicky and Vaisioa says:

    Dear Everlyn

    We hope you and your friends are ok, it must of been a very scary experience for you. We hope that you
    have fully recovered. Northcote intermeadiate hopes for the best and prays that all it allright.

    From Nicky and Vaisioa

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