‘My story’- Oliver, 9, Queenspark School

On Tuesday at lunchtime we were playing last man standing. I was on the monkeybars, then the earthquake happend. While it was happening i quickly ran out of the playground to the field then i did the turtle. i was playing with Cael, Dougie, Sam, Caleb, Angus, and my other friends they were all safe, from Oliver.

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  1. ella says:

    Phew! Oliver you were in a good place to get to the field to stay safe.

    I am very pleased you did the turtle, that seems to have been a great thing for kids to do….and adults.

    Thankfully you and your friends were all safe and all of us reading your story are happy to hear that.

    I hope you know that a huge amount of people all over the world are thinking of you and hoping that all becomes well for you and your family and school, please remember that if the going gets tough.

    Good to see your story on here.

    Best wishes from Ella in Auckland.

  2. room 21 says:

    Dear Oliver,
    We are so pleased to hear that you and your family are safe. It must have been very scary for you. We are all thinking about the poor people who are missing and are hurt.
    We hope the shaking stops soon and wish you and your family all the best
    the children of room 21
    Arataki school
    Mount Maunganui

  3. georgia seth jordan says:

    I would have been horrified because I have never experienced an earthquake that has caused this colossal amount of damage. I feel sorry because this has destroyed most of your city!!!

  4. kailah french & anna takarua says:

    hey oliver
    i cant think how much you’ve been scared. the christchurch earthquake was immense on t.v. we were you in a major part of ch ch ? the buildings on t.v were smashing down to earth.i hope you’ve been very brave.
    from kailah french & anna takarua

  5. james Hobdell says:

    I feel sorry for what happened.
    Hope you are alright.
    I’m sorry for the damage.
    I hope your home is ok Oliver.
    from James Hobdell.

  6. sam says:

    We are so sorry that this happened. If I were you I would run like the man I am. Anyway we’re doing every thing to help , were having a hat and hair day. I hope your school is ok and your family is to.

  7. thomas says:

    Oliver you are brave and good thinking to do the turtle. You saved your friends. I hope you get back to school soon. Mt Maunganui has been collecting food and this will be coming soon on a trailer.

  8. Jordyn says:

    dear oliver

    I am so glad to hear that you are ok i hope there will be no more eathquakes over there In chrschurch
    best wishes jordyn

  9. chrissie braid says:

    That sounds so scary Oliver. I’m glad you and your friends are all safe. I hope your house is ok and all your family too. We are thinking of you all.

    Chrissie Braid

  10. Quentin says:

    Hey mate, you did a good job telling your story, I’m pleased all your friends are safe aswell, love from Dad.

  11. Joy Williams says:

    Gosh Oliver you were very brave and I am so pleased to hear both you and all your friends are safe. Doing the turtle is just so cool and protects you. I hope your school is not too badly hurt. Stay safe

  12. George Mottram says:

    Good on you for making a turtle Ollie- you did exactly the right thing! I told your dad about this website you might like to play on while you’re at home its http://www.spellingcity.com. Lots of fun the kids in my class love it. Love you lots xxx

  13. Olivia I am really very proud that you did the right things for your safety, you were outside and you remembered your earthquake drills. I am so glad you and your friends are safe . You are a brave and calm boy and I know this because I know you so well my grandson.
    I love you to infinity and beyond,
    Love from Grandma

  14. George/ Alex says:

    me(george) and my friend Alex want to cheer you up after a scary earthquake
    with some jokes

    knock knock(you say whoes there)cows go (you say cows go who) no they don’t they go moo. from george
    what did the scarf say to the hat
    do you have a head to sit on i’ll hang around it .from alex

    hope you and your family are ok
    from a nine and a 10 year
    old children from martua school george and alex

  15. Oliver, I apprieciate that you shared your story about the eartquake Tuesday 22nd Febuary 2011. You did a great job in keeping yourself safe. I am really proud of you. I am so thankfull that you and your friends are safe. You are a very couragious young man. Grandma and I are thankful you and all our family are safe. We feel very blessed. Thank you for sharing your experience. I love you very much ,Granddad John. xx

  16. Chansys says:

    hope you alright take care hope there is no after shook

  17. Chrissie McCartney says:

    Hi Oliver, You were very brave and you did the right things to keep yourself safe. I think you told your story very well, thank you for sharing. I am so blessed to know that you are safe.
    for some reason my earlier comment didn’t stay on your page.
    Love from Grandma.

  18. Issy Pasley&Amelia Hartley says:

    Dear Oliver,

    I am so glad that you are safe we are only 12 and can’t even imagine the feelings you are having!!
    I hope your doing well as you sounded so brave and grown up!!!
    I wish you and your family well and hope this will never happen again!!!
    Issy and Amelia xx

  19. steph williams says:

    hi Oliver you poor thing i hope your ok
    it would of been really scary
    well done on doing the turtle that was good
    thinking!! i live in Rangiora (near Kaipoi)
    so we didnt feel it as much but because we dont feel
    sa much after shooks as you amost off the school
    was in tears.

    stephanie williams(12)
    ashgrove school

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