Acrostic Poem- McKenzie, 9, Weedons School

Everybody scrambling to the doors and tables. Annoyed that I didn’t get much sleep. Rumbling and shaking, what’s going on? The biggest earthquake since the Haiti quake. Howling like the house is going to crumble down. Quickly calling insurance to get a place in line. Unbelievable it happened in Christchurch. A terrible experience for kids. […]

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My mouth was really dehydrated I needed water badly. Suddenly, I was completely unprepared there was a loud rumble and the whole house shook, I made a loud “oof” and then it was pitch black. It was 4.35 early Saturday morning there was a 7.4 Earthquake in action, which had now been down graded to […]

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“Earthquake!”- Tasman, 10, Weedons School

On Saturday morning I heard mum scream, “Earthquake!” I thought it was a bad dream.  When I woke up and got out of bed I got thrown to the wall. When I heard school was off, I was playing play-station and some people were mowing lawns like any other Saturday. It was the same magnitude […]

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Saturday 4th September, I was at my friend’s house, his name is Edward. We got woken up at 4.35am. The house was shaking, the windows were breaking and the house was creaking. Eddie and I ran to the doorway, we were shaking with fright.  We checked everyone was all right.  Eddie’s mum came to calm […]

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Bang! Crash! Smash! Saturday 4th September was a big disaster for Christchurch.  At 4.35 a 7.1 magnitude earthquake went through Christchurch and destroyed the town. I remember getting under my bed and falling and trying to stand and falling. Trying to stay under my bed was a challenge. Hearing the noise and feeling the ground […]

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I was sleeping in peace until… Crash! Bang! Crash! The sound of breaking glass and windows ready to burst filled my body with fear. At first I thought it was the washing machine gone mad but no! Much worse; EARTHQUAKE! “Dad!” I cried. Mum came rushing to my bedroom barely being able to see her […]

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‘EARTHQUAKE’- Tyler, 11, Weedons School

Saturday 3rd September 4:30 AM At this time I was in bed dreaming! Saturday 3rd September 4:35 AM At this time I was woken by a 7.1 earth quake in the Rolleston region. Saturday 3rd September 5:00 AM As the 7.1 died, we all sat in the lounge waiting for the next big one. Saturday […]

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On Saturday 3rd September there was an earthquake that got me out of bed and devastated Christchurch. I woke up because I couldn’t go to sleep. Then about 40 seconds later rumble, rumble, rumble then my mum and dad came rushing into my room and we ran under the table, but we couldn’t really see […]

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EARTHQUAKE!!! Charlotte, 10, Weedons School

Saturday morning, 4:35am… BANG CRASH It’ an Earthquake! AHHH!!!!!   The lights flickered and the doors slammed, BANG CRASH!  ‘ Get in the boys room’ yelled Dad. Shiver, shiver, crash! “What was that?” “ It was an Earthquake”. “Go outside, its much safer, just keep away from the power lines and maybe cracks in the ground. […]

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On Saturday 3rd of September 4:35am, there was a 7.1 earthquake in Christchurch. For my say I thought some one was shaking my bed. So I got out of my bed then I felt the floor moving. I saw some silly people on the news that went into the cracks.   They could have got their […]

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‘EARTHQUAKE’- Jessie, 11, Weedons School

I started to hear something rumbling, shaking! “Oh my god! It’s an earthquake!” I jumped out of bed ran to my door as fast as could. I was in so much shock, I felt like throwing up. I was shaking constantly as well as my house. As soon as the earthquake stopped my family and […]

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On Saturday 3rd of September at 4:35am I was in my very first earthquake. When it hit I thought it was a train but it wasn’t, it was an earthquake. My Dad said I was going “Chugga,  chugga, choo, choo!” when I was a sleep. WOW! I was embarrassed from head to toe. Me and […]

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‘Earthquake’- Toni, 11, Weedons School

9:55 pm-Friday night. Me and my friend Sarah walk down the hallway to go to bed. My cousin Denva was already there waiting for us. Very slowly we dozed off to sleep. 11:00 am-Still Friday night. As I sleep I can hear big trains go past my house, I don’t even flinch. 4:35 am- in […]

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‘EARTHQUAKE’- Georgia, 11, Weedons School

On Saturday morning the 3rd of September at 4:35am a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch and my family. I woke up, and sat up in my bed, my curtains had been swung open, I looked out my window, and it was all dark, windy and cold. I heard Mum and Dad screaming in the hall […]

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On Saturday 3rd September. There was an earthquake. It was 7.1 magnitude. The time was 4.35 to 4.44 it’s very early for me. That how I slept through the massive earthquake. The good thing is that I have been in an earthquake, to me it’s a once in a life time experience. The bad thing […]

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Major earthquake All of the sudden my bed was shaking, I said to mum, “Go away I’m awake”. Nobody was there. Three seconds passed, I was so close to screaming. Then mum came in and screamed, “Shianne! Shianne! Get up! Get up!” So I did, we ran to a big door way where we can […]

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‘THE EARTHQUAKE’- Ezra, 10, Weedons School

On the night, it was like any other night. I went to bed, I was texting then fell asleep. Next thing I knew, the door was shaking, my room was shaking, I was shaking! All my stuff was on the floor under my stereo and it’s being held by a plug! I tried to get […]

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