‘EARTHQUAKE’- Jessie, 11, Weedons School

I started to hear something rumbling, shaking!

“Oh my god! It’s an earthquake!” I jumped out of bed ran to my door as fast as could. I was in so much shock, I felt like throwing up. I was shaking constantly as well as my house.

As soon as the earthquake stopped my family and I went down to the lounge and turned on the TV.  The news was on and a 7.1 earthquake had just struck us so suddenly. Luckily we still have power, we looked at our clocks, it’s only 4:35am.

We went back to our rooms about an hour later, but none of us went back to sleep. I had my friend Millie staying so she and I lay in bed silent waiting and listening to the after trembles. It was scary hearing the big booms!

As morning dawns we had a look around the house, oh nothing too major that’s damaged. We turned the TV back on and Christchurch city was tragic! Lost of people’s houses were gone. At least we weren’t hit as bad as some people! But the good thing was that my family and I were safe and so were people around Christchurch, and no one was badly injured.

4 Responses to “‘EARTHQUAKE’- Jessie, 11, Weedons School”

  1. Cameron T says:

    Your luck to still have power after the eathquake and thank heave you were safer then me.

  2. CHARLOTTE says:

    WOW you still had power your house must not have had bad damage. COOL :)

  3. Amy says:

    you were very lucky to of had power at your house. You have good descriptive words in your story. I couldn’t believe that it was a 7.1 magnitude earthquake at 4.35am in the morning either.

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