‘EARTHQUAKE’- Tyler, 11, Weedons School

Saturday 3rd September 4:30 AM

At this time I was in bed dreaming!

Saturday 3rd September 4:35 AM

At this time I was woken by a 7.1 earth quake in the Rolleston region.

Saturday 3rd September 5:00 AM

As the 7.1 died, we all sat in the lounge waiting for the next big one.

Saturday 3rd September 6:30 AM

We make phone calls as the after shocks come and go. We realize how important life is.

Saturday 3rd September 8:00 AM

As the after shocks are coming at speed, we all went to see the rest of the family in town .

Saturday 3rd September 5:30PM

As we arrive home, the power was restored. We moved the mattress into the lounge for the night to come.

Monday 6th September 2:00pm

As time went on there was a wedding to attend.  I was a groomsman. As my sisters wedding went on, there was an after shock which was small. As Mike said, “I do” the crowd clapped. Then it was my turn to sign the forms.

3 Responses to “‘EARTHQUAKE’- Tyler, 11, Weedons School”

  1. Cameron T says:

    I like the agjtives you have used. It is an fantastic righting Tyler.

  2. CHARLOTTE says:

    well tyler very interesting i luv “at this time i was dreaming” very cool :)

  3. Mrs Ward says:

    What an amazing day it must have been for you, earthquakes and weddings all in one day. I agree that our lives are important- not just things we own. Great job Tyler

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