EARTHQUAKE!!! Charlotte, 10, Weedons School

Saturday morning, 4:35am… BANG CRASH It’ an Earthquake! AHHH!!!!!   The lights flickered and the doors slammed, BANG CRASH!  ‘ Get in the boys room’ yelled Dad. Shiver, shiver, crash! “What was that?” “ It was an Earthquake”. “Go outside, its much safer, just keep away from the power lines and maybe cracks in the ground. We waited till the sun shone through our hair.

Dad said we shouldn’t go inside. ALL the phones rang in the morning to check if we were all right.

Mrs. Mallon and her daughter came to our house. She had a cut in her head, they stayed for about 10 minutes because mum’s a doctor and she can help them. Once they had gone we started eating breakfast with the radio running.

A few minutes past and our neighbours came to check on us. We had some chocolate cake that my brother won in the cake raffle. Yum!!!  After that we went to our other neighbour. We didn’t know but the lady was by herself because her husband and son were in Akaroa. They were all ok.

Well that was once in a lifetime experience, and fingers crossed that, that wont happen again.=D

11 Responses to “EARTHQUAKE!!! Charlotte, 10, Weedons School”

  1. Mrs Ward says:

    What great descriptive words you have used Charlotte! A great read!!

  2. kate says:

    I like the starter it was good that she saw not badly hut

  3. CHARLOTTE says:

    that was awesome charlotte your a great writer:)

  4. Georgia says:

    WOW that is a good story you have lots of exciting words in your story. You are lucky that your next door neighbour came over to make sure that you were alright because you could of been very hurt. But anyway well done.

  5. shianne says:

    awesome story charlotte

  6. Amy says:

    Nice story :p

  7. jordan says:

    great story charlotte,
    i bet it was really devastating when you suddenly felt the floor wobbling
    is everything completely demolished i hope you and your family and
    everyone is are really brave andhope you feel better


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