‘The Massive Earthquake’- Cam, 10, Weedons School

On Saturday 3rd September. There was an earthquake. It was 7.1 magnitude. The time was 4.35 to 4.44 it’s very early for me. That how I slept through the massive earthquake.

The good thing is that I have been in an earthquake, to me it’s a once in a life time experience. The bad thing was that my tv broke.

I was not home when the earthquake happened. I was at Camp Taylor. I just stayed in my bunk bed.  The cubs went home from Camp Taylor.

Dad was with Jay.  Dad had the generator going. We had a little power for the tv and phones chargers. We got home Jay went to see the fish, one came out, a metre from the pond; he screamed. Dad picked the fish up and put it in the rubbish.

The next-door  neighbours came over to get their phone charged.  Then they went home.  When my pop got power we stayed at his house. We watched the news.  We went to bed.  We went home the next day and had breakfast.

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  1. Mrs Ward says:

    Great job Cam, you have used interesting words in your writing

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