‘Earthquake Devastation’- Josh, 10, Weedons School

On Saturday 3rd September there was an earthquake that got me out of bed and devastated Christchurch. I woke up because I couldn’t go to sleep. Then about 40 seconds later rumble, rumble, rumble then my mum and dad came rushing into my room and we ran under the table, but we couldn’t really see around because the earthquake happened at 4:35 AM in the morning. By the time we got under the table the earthquake stopped but the aftershocks were still going.

After a while one of our neighbor’s came around to check our walls and told us to turn off our gas. When we found a torch we saw that our large lamp, which is almost as tall as our ceiling got destroyed and if our TV weren’t chained to the wall it would have fallen off and smashed onto the fireplace.

When I heard the earthquakes could go for months I was annoyed. Later I heard school was closed for a week and I was quite happy about that. Then we went to go save some chickens from Weedons eggs (Shaun’s house).

5 Responses to “‘Earthquake Devastation’- Josh, 10, Weedons School”

  1. Mrs Ward says:

    Well done Josh, you have some great descriptive details in your writing

  2. CHARLOTTE says:

    great josh :(

  3. danielle says:

    wow what a great story

  4. camden says:

    that is very interesting and really cool

  5. Cameron T says:

    Fantastic righting Josh.Thack heave the T.V was chaind to the wall.

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