‘Earthquake Breaks Out In Christchurch!’- Caelum, 9, Weedons School

My mouth was really dehydrated I needed water badly. Suddenly, I was completely unprepared there was a loud rumble and the whole house shook, I made a loud “oof” and then it was pitch black.

It was 4.35 early Saturday morning there was a 7.4 Earthquake in action, which had now been down graded to 7.1 on the Richter scale and my Dad had just jumped on me! He wrapped me up in my duvet and dragged me under a door way where we met up with Mum and Tia and they where still in their pajamas Tia my irritating little sister had thought Mum had been shaking her to make her wake up, she couldn‘t have been more wrong! Dad told me to go get Mums iPod while he went to go get a torch. When I got back Mum told me that Roxy our dog had been running into doors in fright. When. Dad got back I turned the radio on put the ear phones on and listened they advised us to stay at home under a door way and to boil water because it could be sewage it also turned out that two teenaged boys slept through the whole thing! We listened for updates there were a few but they weren’t very important. After the Earthquake there were constant after shocks we checked if our neighbours were OK. We had checked for damage there was smashed glass everywhere, draws were out the plasma TV was hanging off its cord. There was a lot of talk about it in the next few weeks we even got a week off school! I hope it doesn’t take long to repair the damage.

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  1. louie says:

    wow! i could imagine that in my head!

  2. Te Ohomauri says:

    I think thats an awesome story is everything good thats really cool what you guys did

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