The Earthquake- Camden, Weedons School

On Saturday 4 September there was a 7.1 earthquake at 4.35a.m.  It felt really weird because everything was shaking, falling, and smashing. My family had to wake me up and drag me to my wardrobe. Then we went to my mum’s wardrobe because my wardrobe is too cramped. When we got there, our animals came […]

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‘EARTHQUAKE’- Lucy, 12, Weedons School

I woke up Saturday 4:35 am. I jump out of bed so scared, mum and dad jumped out as well. Is the earthquake real? Mum runs to get Sam.  The drawers just missed him.  We all stood under the door. I shook like a rattle snakes tail.  All I can hear is the crashing of […]

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‘Earthquake’- Eve, 11, Weedons School

Amazing! A 7.1 earthquake hit Christchurch, freaky as it was, nobody was killed even though it was at 4.35am when everybody was fast asleep. At the epicenter, Darfield brick houses were destroyed and not liveable. Near the town centre our famous brick buildings like old pubs and churches have been condemned and are unsafe. There […]

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Extreme Earthquake- Amy, 10, Weedons School

The shaking started at 4:35am on Saturday morning. A 7.1 magnitude earthquake woke most of Canterbury. In town, buildings had tumbled to the ground. I was so petrified because I didn’t know what was happening. I dashed out of my room and headed for mum and dads room. I got to the door frame with […]

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‘1,2,3, Earthquake’- Laura, 8, Weedons School

On Saturday morning we had a humongous earthquake. When the earthquake struck at 4.35am it was a 7.1 earthquake. I was so frightened. We have had 489 earthquakes through the years. Wow. In the Haiti earthquake 200,000 people died, their earthquake was the same as ours, we are so lucky. My cousins’ school had an […]

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On Saturday there was an earthquake in Christchurch. The earthquake happened at 4.35am in the morning. There was a boy in the bedroom and he got stuck and fell down out of the house. There was a girl that had a baby when the earthquake happened. In my room my floor is like this . […]

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‘Surviving Disaster’- Lucy, 9, Weedons School

On Friday there was a humongous earthquake. It was amazing. Suddenly there was a big bang. It was wobbly and ferocious. Finally it was over. Occasionally there is a big rumble and a grumble. The earthquake was 7.1. First they said 7.4. We were allowed to flush the toilet because we have our own sewage […]

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This frightening disaster happened at 4.35am on a Saturday morning. I woke up with a fright, and I peered through the blind. I said, “Turn on the lights.” I seriously thought that I was in a nightmare! So I screamed really loudly for Mum. Then everybody came to the fire and it was only glowing […]

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‘Humongous Earthquake’- Petra, 8, Weedons School

On Saturday morning at four thirty five am we all woke up to a humongous earthquake. All I could hear was smashing glass. It was annoying bouncing with an empty stomach. Then it stopped so my Dad got up and mum then Ethan then me then Seth and Ezra couldn’t get out of their room […]

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‘The Frightening Morning’- Sam, 7, Weedons School

On Saturday at 4.35 an earthquake struck Canterbury. During the quake, Mum’s favourite china set smashed. Luckily our chimney did not fall over. Yay. Our house didn’t get torn apart our house is fine. I felt scared because it was my first earthquake. The house was rumbling and grumbling ferociously smashing. After the quake looters […]

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‘Scary Movement’- Maria, 7, Weedons School

On Saturday at 4.35am in the morning an earthquake came. My mum jumped out of bed and went to grab Charlie. He was bouncing around sleeping. Finally mum got him out. I was yelling out “Dad Dad” he came and jumped on my bed, and my dresser came down and landed on my dad’s back […]

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‘Dark Night’- Matt, 7, Weedons School

On Friday night we had an earthquake. We slept under the table. All of glasses broke and my Mum’s lamp got smashed. The chimney bent over. Our TV was on an angle. I felt scared. The house was shaking like mad. Our neighbours came and checked what happened to our house and told us to […]

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‘Shaky Morning’- Nathan, 7, Weedons School

About a week ago a huge earthquake struck us. There were cracks down the road, chimneys came down and worst of all a steel shelf fell on the bonnet of the Falcon! It was a disaster and the other car went right into the garage door! The dent on the door was huge. Sand volcanoes […]

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‘Earthquake Disaster’- Will, 8, Weedons School

On Saturday at 4.35am a humongous earthquake struck here in Christchurch. We were very lucky because not that much fell over. I was very terrified. After the main earthquake that was 7.1 we went and hopped into Mum and Dad’s bed. At 6.00am our neighbours came for a cup of coffee. Then my eyes exploded! […]

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‘Scary Earthquake!’- Steven, 7, Weedons School

In the morning at 4.35am it started to wobble like mad. My blue lego plane fell down onto the floor. In our pantry everything fell down. Glass fell down and more like that. We went under the table when it started. It was frightening. Some after shocks are scary. I felt mad because it was […]

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‘Scary, Scary Thing’- Sophie, 8, Weedons School

Last Saturday the earthquake happened in the morning at 4.35am. I was sleeping in Mum’s bed because Dad was away in England. Mum woke me up and it was still shaking. She told Ben, Hannah and I to get under a doorway. I felt a wee bit frightened because there were rattling and banging noises […]

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‘The Shaky Earthquake’- Laura, 7, Weedons School

Last Saturday there was a earthquake. It was at 4.35am in the morning! The earthquake was 7.4. It was wobbly. In the earthquake I woke up when Dad came charging in. Suddenly I heard a bang then my Dad shouted my name. Next my Dad carried me down the stairs. The stairs were moving and […]

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