‘My story’- Chelsea, 11, Oaklands Primary School

Tuesday the 22 February I was in the School Hall it was the middle of Kapahaka when a 6.3 happened just before 1:00pm. There was only one teacher in their with us as there were about 60 students in there at the same time. We all had to get into a turtle position. Most of the little kids were crying and after it had stopped the year 7/8’s had to go to the juniors and line up with them beside us. We then continued by going out to the School field where everyone else were lining up in their classes. I got a fright because I hadn’t been feeling the after shocks for a while. It was also quite frightening because there were really big lights on the roof and i was frightened because I thought they were going to fall on some people and kill them but luckily now one got killed.

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  1. ella says:

    Dear Chlesea

    I appreciate the time you have taken to write this report up. Many of us outside of Christchurch cannot imagine how frightening it is in Canterbury.

    It sounds as though you were very well organised at school and you older kids helping out the younger ones is good to hear.

    It is frightening when these earthquakes happen and to know the devastation they can wreak on our lives.

    I am so please nobody was killed at your school and I hope most sincerely that you will recover soon from this awful fright. I am thinking of you all there all the time.


    Ella from Auckalnd.

  2. ella says:

    Please accept my apologies for my spelling of your name Chelsea and my poor spelling of Auckland, as I am unable to find a contact address I have to write it through here. I hope the admin people will be kind enough to adjust my mistakes. Thanks Ella

  3. Mr Forman says:

    Kia Ora Chelsea

    You and the other seniors did really well when the earthquake struck. Looking after the juniors made it much easier for us teachers. It’s great to see you are sharing your experiences with other students. I hope your family are all well. See you back at school when it reopens. Mr Forman

  4. sharon says:

    Chelsea, the junior students were very lucky to have you older kids there to help and support them. You are a very special girl

  5. laura says:

    Hi Chelsea,
    I am Laura I go to Pukete School, room 5 and I live in Hamilton. I am 10 years old.
    I feel sorry for you having to experaiance 2 massive earthquakes and your whole city nearly
    being destroyed. I can easily imagine somthing falling down on someone as we have
    loads of things that would fall easily if we had an earthquake. I hope your house and school
    are not badly dameged and that your family and friends are o.k and safe. I hope in the future
    everything is alot brighter.

  6. Jacques duPlessis, Aida Chen, Caleb Merrilees, Raja Sandhu, Chevy Broughton, Junior Folia says:

    Hi Chelsea,
    We are from the Waikato and we were shocked to hear about the earthquake and all its damage.
    We are sure that we would be very scared if we had to experience what you have been through.
    We have learnt lots about earthquakes from your experience. Lucky no one at your school did
    died and the lights didn’t fall. It has made us think more about the dangers around our school.
    We fly our flag half mast for you and your hometown. Our thoughtsa are with you all.
    Jacques, Chevy, Raja, Caleb, Junior and Aida

  7. Mrs Birdling says:

    Well done Chelsea! Glad you got to share your story. Looking forward to seeing all the students back the at school when it re-opens!

  8. Miss Harris says:

    Great job Chelsea! I hope you’ve been looking after your family and friends! I’m looking forward to getting back to school and seeing all of you again!

    :0) Miss H

  9. Ms O'loughlin says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience of the earthquake as an Oaklands School student. I thought that our students were very brave and very sensible when it happened. See you back at school when we open again. Take Care.

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