‘TERRIFYING!’-Madeleine, 8, St Albans School

Oh my gosh I can`t belive what just happened. Nearly 6 months ago Christchurch had a 7.1 earthquake. Now in Christchurch we had a 6.3 earthquake but it felt like 8.9. When it hit I was putting my lunch box away and i thought all was peaceful. My teacher Miss Lythgoe grabbed me and some of my class mates. We all cried and we ran to the place where all the school meets in case of emergancy. Then the ground started exploding with liquifaction. We quickly ran to saftey. I was worried about my dad because he was in a building made of glass. It was… TERRIFYING!

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  1. ella says:

    Kia ora Madeleine

    You described your experience very well indeed and I would have been terrified too if I had been there. I understand what you mean when you thought the earthquake was an 8.9.

    Your teacher sounds great being able to grab so many of you. Well done for running to the emergency meeting place at school.

    I am so pleased you are safe and I hope Dad is too.

    Please remember I am thinking of you and your school, family and friends in this difficult time and one day Canterbury will be healed again, we are all working towards that.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Tom says:

    Hi Madeleine

    I am very sad to think that it had it so close to the surface. Is your house ok? Did you know that today at my school we had a 2 minute silence and on Friday we are having a red & black day to fundraise for the earthquake.

    I am very sad.


  3. Alex says:

    I am sad to hear about the earthquake, Madeleine. It must have been much more destructive then the first one. My school had a two minute silence today. And on Friday we are having a red and black mufti day. (I go to the same school as Tom.) Keep smiling :)


  4. Piper says:

    You have discribed that so well that i can feel it. I hope your dad is alright and the rest of your fam are all right
    from Piper in papamoa

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