“The Shakey Shakey”- Bryce, 4, Kidsfirst Brynley Street Kindergarten

The “Shakey Shakey” came and I was in my bedroom playing with lego. Mum came and got me and we went under the table. I was scared. We went to Nana & Pop’s house and I stayed there with Nana and played with toys and Mum went to get my big brothers from school. My Dad came home from over the hills (Westport) and we had tea with Nana & Pop and then we went home. I yell and tell the “Shakey Shakey” off now when it comes. My trains are okay.

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  1. ella says:

    Hi Bryce

    How lovely to hear from you on this website and to get to know your story. I like the Shakey Shakey shout to tell it off.

    Your Mummy was very clever to get you under the table and it sounds as though Nana played some good games with you and your toys. Thank goodness your trains are okay!

    Please send my very best wishes to your Mummy and Daddy, brothers and Nana and Pop.
    I am thinking of you all the time.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Georgia says:

    Hello i had exactly the same experiance did you get power later on that night?

  3. linda geiger says:

    I am so happy you are safe Bryce, so happy your cats and toys are ok too!!

    Good for you telling the “shakey shakey” off!!

    Be safe guys!!

  4. Tals says:

    How Did it Feel when the first EarthQuake Hit?

  5. Jessica says:

    Hi my name is Jessica
    Hi like the story you writeon this web site
    I am so happy that you are safe and your trains are safe as well

  6. mackenzie crompton says:

    Hello Bryce
    naughty shakey shakey for coming to your house. good person for telling off the shakey shakey. you are very smart for going to your nana and popses house. i am glad that your trains are okay and i hope that your lego is fine too. say hi to your nana pops and mum for me.
    From mackenzie

  7. Katie and Emma says:

    i am happy you are safe it was a very smart thing to do when going to your nana and pops house its good that your trains and lego are ok.

  8. Ava Sucu & Bailey Smith says:

    Dear Bryce

    Thank you for telling the “Shakey Skakey” off , now we hopefully it wont come back again. You are very brave :)

    Ava & Bailey

  9. lucy spargo says:

    hi i am lucy and i am 11 i am so sorry that u went through this and all the after shocks

    from lucy

    PS every think will be okay

  10. Veronika says:

    Hello, Bryce
    I just love your story ! :) You are a very brave boy. It is horrible when these things happen i hope you and your family ok :)
    veronika xxx

  11. hazza says:

    hi bryce

    I hope you are safe and well.all of new zealand has our minds on you. wow was the shaky shaky scary.you where really brave. I can tell that your toys where fun

    from hazza

  12. harry shaw says:

    hello Bryce
    I am so happy you are ok and well.Was the shakey shakey nasty and reck your house.What toys did you play whith nana and pops.You are really luky that you went under the table how are your nana and pops.You where brave wernt you.

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