“I was up a tree”-Harrison, 8, Waimairi School

I had had my lunch and was playing on the field with my friends, I was up a tree. When the earth started moving. I quickly jumped down from the tree and landed on the ground. There was liquidfaction just infont of me. It suddenly stopped and I got up and run over to the middle of the field. When I looked around the earth started moving again, then I found everyone in my class and took them to Miss Howard and then Mr Naysmith came into the school grounds and did a head count to make sure we were all there.

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  1. ella says:

    Phew! Harrison you sound like an adventurer!

    What a day you must of had. You sound very quick and fit and that seems as though it was a very good thing for you on Tuesday.

    You sound also very clever to be able to run into the middle of the field and to take everyone in to your teacher.

    Your teachers sound very organised and I am sure you felt good and safe with them.

    Please remember Harrison I shall be thinking of you all the time and I hope things get better soon.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story Harrison. We were so busy looking after you all on Tuesday we didn’t have time to hear everyone’s adventures.

    I can’t wait to see you all again when school re-opens. School is safe and wont take long to tidy up.

    Best wishes to you and your family from
    Mr A

  3. Taine Lenihan says:

    Wow Harrison you must of been scared when it shook. I know that you jumped out of a tree and landed onto the grass .Then you ran to the middle of the field and you saw the class and the teachers running out onto the field. Finally you were safe with everyone. I feel sad for you because you might still have aftershocks and that must be scary .
    Fom Taine

  4. Christine Shearer says:

    Wow Harrison, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have to go through such a terrible earthquake, you are an incredibly brave boy. Fancy being in such a scary situation and still being able to help other children. I am a teacher at Matua School in Tauranga and a girl in my class used to go to your school. Her name is Katie Andrew and is Year 3 – you might know her. We are all busy writing letter to send to a class at your school. Are you in a Year 3-4 class? Well done on being so brave, we are all thinking of you and what you are going through.
    Miss Shearer (Christine)

  5. Katie Andrew says:

    Wow Harrison it must have been so scary. I wouldn’t want to be in an earthquake. Did you feel scared? It was a good idea to jump down the tree! Waimairi School used to be my school. I have lots of friends in Waimairi School. I hope everyone is safe. Lots of love.
    From Katie

  6. Ashleigh ford says:

    wow Harrison you must of scared .

  7. jaedeci says:

    That is so brave what you did to jump out of a tree.It would of been really scary to see.Good luck to trying to find your loved ones and I hope that everyone is ok in ChristChurch.

  8. Jackie says:

    Hey Harrison

    Loz is missing school and his buddies. He has had enough of being at home now but we did have a fun time on our friends farm for a few days.
    See you soon


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