“I was very dizzy”-Todd, 5 & 1/2, Waimairi School

I was playing near my classroom when It happened I grabbed hold of the blue ramp poles tightly as the earthquake took place.  I was very dizzy and scared. My teacher Mrs Wilson was in my class room so I felt a little safe.
Everyone in my class started crying but not me and my friend Jett.  Then we went to the field with the rest of our school.
Mr Anderson got us to sit with our teachers on the field and they did a roll call and then we waited for our parents to arrive, it seemed like ages. I felt safe being with my teacher and friends.

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  1. ella says:

    Hi Todd

    You sound like a very strong and brave person. How good of you to hold so tightly onto the blue ramp poles.

    We all feel scared sometimes even adults too and we all cry sometimes too and even that’s a thing adults do. It’s not weak to cry but sometimes it just happens.

    It looks as though your teachers looked after you very well in the long time before your parents arrived.

    I bet you shouted hooray! when your family all got together again.

    Please remember Todd I shall be thnking of you all the time and I hope things get better soon.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. sophie says:

    hi todd
    i too go to waimairi school
    im so glad your ok!
    i was under the table with my friends!
    from soph

  3. Hi Todd,

    I am so glad Mrs. Wilson made you feel safe.

    I can’t wait until we open the school again and I can hear all of your stories.

    You and Jett were so brave not to cry, it made the other kids feel safe, thank you for that.

    School is REALLY safe and has hardly any damage.

    Hope to see you soon
    Mr A

  4. Ella,Shinae&Lelani. says:

    Hi Todd,
    we think you are brave,and we’re thinking of how to help your home town.i think that you have showed a lot of initiative for your age ,you’re remarkably brave. It must be very boring without t.v to watch & your trampoline under liquefaction drowning it.

  5. Sam Cron, Fraser Ogle, Santi Rodriguez, Cale Agate. says:

    Hi Todd,
    We are 10 year old boys from Pukete School in Hamilton. We have never experienced
    an earthquake like you have but we know that you and Jett must have been really brave
    not to cry. We are proud of you even though we have not met you.
    What an interesting start to your schooling. We hope that things get back to normal quickly
    for you so you can catch up with your friends and teachers soon.
    From Fraser, Santi, Cale and Sam

  6. jaedeci says:

    Hi I wish you all the good luck and I hope your loved ones are safe.

  7. Jackie says:

    Hi Todd

    Looking forward to seeing your smiling face when we have our next walking Wednesday. You are going to have a bumpier walk to school now tha the ground is more uneven.
    See you soon, Jackie

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