“Holy Cow”- Cael,9, Queenspark School.

On tuesday i was playing hunt at lunchtime. And i just ran down this lane and then i herd somthing coming like a bumpy loud thing coming right at the lane i was in and so i ran as fast as i could but i could of not make it to Dougie,Oliver and all my other friends and then a 6.3 quake hit and it was pushing me around in to the bushes. The first thing i thought was the end of the world.My brother was on the New Brighten pier, holy cow would that be scary.So everybody in the school had to run to the field and when we all did there were floods and skateboard ramps and cracks in the ground. So then my mum came and got me and we went back home and went in the house and the doors were blocked and glass was everywhere

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  1. Cael says:

    I am very glad to read that your brother and Mum were safe. Thank you for sharing your story. Vicky

  2. ella says:

    Hey Cael

    Oh boy! You certainly had a big experience there on that big Tuesday. It sounds pretty scarey and I would have been very scared I can tell you and I am an adult.

    I hope your brother is Ok now and I think being on the Brighton Pier …holy cow as well!

    Mum would have been so pleased to see you and I expect you were pleased to see her too.

    I am thinking of you guys all the time and wish your family all the very best.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  3. Maxine says:

    Loads of puntuation mistakes, but good story. I hate the earthquake and wish it never happened. >.

  4. I thank Cale you for sharing your story, It was a scary time for you and your brother along with all the people in your city. You did the right things and stayed safe. I know you would have been so pleased to see your mother. I hope things get better for you and Christchurch soon.
    Kind regards from Oliver’s Grandma.

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