“I wanted my mum”-Michaela, 8, St Bernadettes School

The day of the earthquake was very scary I thought I might die. The whole school tipped up and felt like it was going sideways – like a wave, and I screamed and cried, and I wanted my mum.  Everyone in the school ran out into the field and to me this is another whole start to an earthquake. I hope people find the missing and I hope no-one else dies..

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  1. ella says:

    Dear Michaela

    I am so sorry that you have had such a terrible time with the earthquake.

    It sounds that you were pretty brave and did the right thing by going into the field. Funnily enough screaming and crying is quite natural at these times, it helps us tell others that something is wrong.

    I wish I could do something about these earthquakes to make them stop but I am just one ordinary person in New Zealand.

    It would have been lovely when you saw your Mum again after your experience and she would have been very happy to see you too.

    Please keep in your mind the thought that people all over the world are trying to help everyone in Canterbury in all sorts of ways. I shall be thinking of you and your family and school and hoping you are recovering.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Antonia Wiggens says:

    Dear Michaela

    Our whole class feels so sorry for all the children in Christchurch. It sounds like the earthquake was terrifying. We hope you are feeling a little bit better now and we hope your house is not too badly damaged. On Friday our school is having a funky hair or hat day and a red and black day to raise money for Christchurch.

    Best wishes from Antonia and Room 6 at Omanu School ( Mount Maunganui )

  3. Birthony says:

    I am so sorry for the terrrible earthquake that has happened in Christchurch. We are raising a lot of money for you and the people of Christchurch. We will also keep you in our prayers. Best wishes from,
    Birthony and Room 6 St Joseph’s School Otahuhu

  4. paige says:

    dear michaela
    are you ok?
    im so sorry what happened.
    i wish i could do something about earthquake.
    i go to Glen Eden Intermediate and im a year 7 that means im 11years and there is 1400 kids at my school and we all feel sorry about all the familys.
    we funraised $400 FOR YOUS,AND MY LITTLE SISTER DID TOO.

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