‘My Story’- Oliver, 4, Footsteps Pre School

I was sleeping and when the earthquake came, Mummy jumped onto my bed and  woke me up, Mummy was wearing no clothes because she was just about to get into the bath.  Everything fell down when I was asleep. I was feeling brave when the earthquake came.

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  1. ella says:

    Dear Oliver

    Well I am so glad you wrote this email to tell us about what happened when the earthquake came.

    I think Mummy was very surprised when she had to wake you up.

    I am pleased to hear you were very brave and I hope you won’t have another earthquake again.

    I also hope Mummy gets her bath soon.

    Just to let you know that there are lots of people in New Zealand and the rest of the world thinking of you right now and hoping you stay well.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Dear Oliver, you added awesome humour to your story. We hope you are safe with your family. you must been scared out of your mind. We hope your house is still in one piece and that you don’t lose your family. you probably didn’t know there was an earthquake until your mum woke you up. Stay safe ok, from saphron and brookelyn in hastings.

  3. sharni moses says:

    i am so glad you and your mummy are alright
    and did not get hurt
    i wish you the very best to you your family and all the people in christchurch


  4. Tymara Cox says:

    That must have been awful. You must of been pretty scared. But it is so good that you are safe. At lunchtime today we had 2 minutes of silence for you! We have just come back from our rotorua camp it was so fun! I wish you and your family happy thoughts!

  5. Soana and Alex says:

    hi it is Soana and alex you are very lucky and you are so funny but you areso brave.

  6. cayla and angel says:

    Dear oliver
    we feel sorry for your family and all of new zealand had two minutes silents.we wish you our best wishes from cayla and angel.

  7. velvet says:


    your so brave

    I would of ran around the whole house screaming!!!

    I wish I was as brave as you oliver

    Im 9 and I would of screamed


    ps. hope you and your family is alright

  8. zaiden Dion says:

    Dear Oliver,
    Great story! We hope everything goes back to normal and Mummy gets her bath soon.
    Zaiden (10) and Dion (9), Auckland.

  9. mackenzie crompton says:

    Dear Oliver
    i hope that every thing in your room is ok and i am glad that you felt very brave. what a brave little person. tell your mum i said hi and that i hope that you and your family and your friends are ok. just so you know alot of people like your story and are glad that you are ok
    From mackenzie

  10. I am very sorry about what happend and i hope your mum gets a bath soon.

    from makeleta

  11. sorry oliver about what happend you dont deserve it but good on you for being brave

  12. Tazz. says:

    Hi Olivier,

    My name is Tazz I am 12 years old I go to Northcote Intermediate School.

    I am very sorry to hear about the devastation that happened in Christchurch.
    I hope you and your Mummy are safe and not hurt.
    Its good to hear that you were brave and not scared.

    Tazz (:

  13. lucy spargo says:

    sorry oliver for what happend to u i hope u and your family are fine and by the way i am lucy i am 11

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