‘My story’-Sophie, 7, Home school

One Tuesday I went outside and rode my bike, while we were setting up lots of jumps the earthquake hit. It was a 6.3. Mum was inside, we were outside. Mum told us to stay outside until it finished because the piano was rocking hard. We went inside and sat in the doorway. Then we […]

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‘Earthquake’-Josh, 9, Home school

One normal Tuesday we went outside to play on our bikes and we lost our balance – I wonder why? A BIG EARTHQUAKE HIT CHRISTCHURCH!!! I was in the garage at first, a crack was beginning – it was freaky. I ran out of the garage to my sisters who were playing outside. Mum was […]

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Seven point one earthquake The story all began way back when we came back from America. We arrived in Auckland. When we heard that there had been an earthquake in Christchurch we had to stay in Auckland for a night. That night we had a good sleep. For dinner and breakfast there were very nice […]

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‘My story’-Cosette, 6, Home school

7 point 1 We went from LA to Auckland. We were I think going through security when this lady said that there had been an earthquake in Christchurch, and we stayed at Auckland cause the earthquake was7 point 1 and they closed the airport. For lunch I think I had pizza. I’m not sure about […]

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We were just finishing up our homeschooling when the earthquake started. Some of the shelves fell down and most of the books were scattered around. I was quite shocked that this was happening again. The quake made me shake with terror and my sisters were quite frightened too. Most of our plates broke, our TV fell […]

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‘My story’-Hannah, 8, Home school

I was in the toilet when the earthquake happened. I started screaming and ran out of the bathroom to the doorway. I was scared. When I looked outside bricks had fallen, fences had squashed our vege garden, chimneys had fallen down across the street.

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I was upstairs in my room. It was shaking really fast. I could see everything fall down in my room and I held onto my bed. I felt sad and I had tears down my eyes. My mum and brother were under the archway downstairs, my sister was in the toilet!

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Residential buildings – ripped. Roads and fields – ruined. Historical structures – demolished. People – homeless and scared. Such were the cruel antics of the 2010 earthquake, in Christchurch New Zealand. We received no previous warnings regarding the 7.1 magnitude quake – and as a result, everyone was unprepared. This devastating earthquake will not be […]

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‘My Story’-Isaac, 11, Home Schooled

It all started when we were at risinghome I had finihed my writing class so I was waiting for my family outside I saw them comeing so I went to the van they got there just after me we got into the van and we got our seet belts on accept my mum who was […]

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“I was freaked out!”-Xavier, 7, Home Schooled

“When it happened I was freaked out! I was at Risingholme and I was in the van. I was smashing into the seat. My baby sister Janaya was SCREAMING! The van was smashing into my Mum. We needed to get our brother because he was at kindy. We saw powerlines hanging down from a shop. […]

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“If an earthquake happens we go under the table. We were in the car when it happened. The van shaked and I was holding onto my seatbelt. A big flood was everywhere!!!!”

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“Where are you?”-Lucy, 6, Home school

Last Tuesday an earthquake happened. We were playing in the hallway then we felt the house shaking side to side. Abbey and I ran down to Abbey’s room and hid under thebed. Thehn Mum shouted, “Where are you?” We said, “We are here.” We ran past the smashing wine bottles then we ran under the […]

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“Mum!”-Abbey, 10, Home school

Last Tuesday Lucy (my sister) and I were in my room when the earthquake started. I said to Lucy, “Get under my bed, ” and we both went under. When we were under my bed it felt like the whole house lifted up and shook. I heard things smashing and falling down. Lucy and I […]

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