‘Earthquake’-Josh, 9, Home school

One normal Tuesday we went outside to play on our bikes and we lost our balance – I wonder why? A BIG EARTHQUAKE HIT CHRISTCHURCH!!! I was in the garage at first, a crack was beginning – it was freaky. I ran out of the garage to my sisters who were playing outside. Mum was inside and we were freaked the piano was falling over between us. Once the shaking stopped we ran to Mum. We stayed in the door way with mum, we had survived though the first big one and then there was another big one and a medicine container exploded it was a big bang. Then there was another one and all the plates fell out of our kitchen cupboards, the food fell out of the pantry and our fish died. Mum rang Dad on the cell phone and he was trying to drive home. Then Nana came round fast she was so freaked she cried. We gave her brandy to make her better, it worked. We were still waiting in the door way with Nana when Dad came home. He had given up driving, parked his car and ran as the roads and traffic was too bad. He was scared too so we talked to each other and gave each other company. Nana left to check on my Aunty and there was another shake, we thought the car might be better so we hid in there and listened to the radio. There were not many radio stations working, the only one we could find was one from Auckland. So we listened to that and found out that the earthquakes were 6.3, 5.9, 5.7 and the last one was 5.4. We also found out buildings had collapsed and people had died. Then we went for a walk down the road; we saw a chimney which was close to falling over, a massive crack in the road, lots of liquefaction, it was even around some peoples houses. And we met some people whose house was not safe enough for them to be in. Then we got packed and had a sleep at Nana’s house because we had no power or water. The next day we came home and saw that the piano moved 2 feet, the kitchen was a mess – we could not even see the floor!! We had a good explore of earthquakes for 1 day. The end.

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  1. Uncle Ben says:

    Hey Josh

    What a scary situation! Hard to believe that Japan had a 9.0 magnitude quake!

    Interesting, you say your Dad ran home, where Sophies story says he walked? I wonder which is true?

    Love you lots… looking foward to seeing you in a month (plus your almost born little brother or sister)

    Em, Charlie and I will be down on Sunday 17th April :)

    Bless ya

    Uncle Ben

  2. Dad says:

    Wow what what a great effort. I like the introduction.

  3. Ella says:

    Kia ora Josh

    You are on pretty smart story teller that’s for sure.

    You have relayed this event so well. It has colour and depth and a feeling of disbelief then the reality dawning on you all.

    Sadly it was all true.

    I feel sorry you lost your fish and that people were crying. Lucky you had some brandy for your Nana.

    You sound a very loving person with all the care that was going on at home supporting each other. that’s so important.

    I hope by now some things have been cleared and life is a tad more settled. I wish you all well there and a big hug all around.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  4. Deborah says:

    Hello Josh,

    We do not have a television in our house, so all the news came via the internet. Your story is helping put the words to the pictures we saw; in such an informative, individual way.
    The disruptions to a city are quite dramatic so I hope at this stage you and your family have recovered from the initial ordeal and that help continues to find its way to all the needy familiies.

    Best wishes from
    Deborah and family

  5. Kirsty says:

    Hey Josh,

    really liked reading your story mate!!! Am sorry to hear about your fish, our little baby rabbit died too, a few days after the earthquake. Maybe you could get another one if you haven’t already?

    Am glad that you and your family are all ok, especially liked hearing that your dad got to you guys as fast as he could, it was scary being a parent and not being able to get to your kids. So I am happy your dad could.

    Hope you guys are all doing ok, will see you soon I hope!!!

    Much love, Kirsty, Ashley and Dominick x x x

  6. Jacque says:

    Hi Josh
    Great Story and thank you for sharing it with us all.

    It is lovely to hear that eveyone in your family was okay even though your Dad had to park up and run!! And yes, even Dads and Mums get scared sometimes so it was great you could all be together, talk and give each other support and company.

    I am sorry you lost your fish. By now I imagine you will be settled back in school and life returning to as normal as can be. I bet you are one of the best story writers at school!


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