“A big flood was everywhere!!”-Bailey, 5, Home School

“If an earthquake happens we go under the table. We were in the car when it happened. The van shaked and I was holding onto my seatbelt. A big flood was everywhere!!!!”

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  1. Wow Bailey !! The children in Christchurch have had some really scary things happen with this earthquake….I have never been in such a big earthquake – or seen a big flood when I was in the car… I hope you are finding some things that help like drawing what you saw and felt like..I think I would be so scared….You were brave to have to be in the van when it was shaking and floods were around..I hope you are safe and have some things to play with while you are not at school yet…The people in Tauranga are thinking about the people in Christchurch sooooo much and sending our Love to everybody Bailey..Bye for now, from Raewyn. P.S (I have 2 big boys Campbell (19) and Richard (23) They are sorry about the earthquake too!!)

  2. ella says:

    Dear Bailey

    Thank you for your letter it is good to hear from you.

    You are quite right to get under a table when there is an earthquake. Whilst you were in the car holding onto your seatbelt is a good thing to do.

    I am sorry you had the earthquake that made the flood and frightened people.

    This is a good time to have lots of hugs with family and friends and I am sure that is pprobably what you are doing.

    Please remember I am thinking of you brave Bailey!

    From Ella in Auckland.

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