‘Thankfully our house didn’t collapse on our heads!’-Josh, 10, Home school

We were just finishing up our homeschooling when the earthquake started. Some of the shelves fell down and most of the books were scattered around. I was quite shocked that this was happening again. The quake made me shake with terror and my sisters were quite frightened too. Most of our plates broke, our TV fell off the stand and our driveway was quite bumpy and cracked with a little bit of liquefaction coming up through the gaps. Thankfully our house didn’t collapse on our heads!

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  1. Ella says:

    Hi Josh

    It would have been awful if the house had fallen on your heads. And I am very glad it didn’t.

    I am not surprised you were all a bit frightened, it was a big event out of the blue.

    I am so sorry you had to go through all this again, and this time more so.

    However it must have been a relief to be with your family so close and they would have felt happy you were there with them.

    Take care Josh and say Hi to all your family and I wish you all the best.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Nan says:

    I think you were all incredibly brave. You have such a soft heart and were more concerned for others than about yourself.
    Love Nan

  3. Aunty Raewyn says:

    Mate, I’m glad your house didn’t fall on your head!!! Wow, a great writing piece. Keep writing about your experiences and remember… a home can always be remade!! What is important is you and your family are all okay and are still together. keep smilin love Aunty Raewyn xox

  4. bernie knowles says:

    wow, Josh, it must have been aweful, we are so glad you are safe and well. You will have lots of opportunities to help mum, and dad and the girls.
    we been thinking of you and praying for you, we ask God to help you stay calm and still have as much fun as poss.

    take care

    love Grandad and Helen.

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