‘My story’-Cosette, 6, Home school

7 point 1
We went from LA to Auckland. We were I think going through security when this lady said that there had been an earthquake in Christchurch, and we stayed at Auckland cause the earthquake was7 point 1 and they closed the airport. For lunch I think I had pizza. I’m not sure about what I had for dinner and dessert. For breakfast I had mushrooms and pancakes with syrup and juice. That day we flew to Christchurch. When we were there Mr. Post said that when the earthquake happened he curled up. The bookshelf nearly fell on him . The end of 7 point 1.

6 point 3

Just when people were leaving Bible study there was an earthquake. We were about to start tidying up the baby toys when the earthquake happened. Mum, Elias and I were in one doorway, and Juanita and Irina in another doorway. After that we ate lunch under the table. We were scared because of all the shaking. After that the neighbours came to see if everyone was okay. We went outside after that. Then there were two more big aftershocks. My Oma told me that 130 people died in the aftershocks. My Opa and Oma live in New Brighton and they have a lot of damage so they are living with us for a while. In the night I was not scared but I didn’t like the shaking. Dad went to a session meeting in the middle of the day. I am having fun with Opa and Oma. The end of 6 point 3.

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  1. Ella says:

    Guten tag Cosette

    Thank you for your lovely piece of writing, you have done well to recall the first earthquake as well as the second.

    Everything is normal and then wham…it’s not. What a great job you did getting under the doorways and what a good idea to have lunch under the table.

    You have kind neighbours coming by to see how you were in your place.

    Poor Oma and Opa they didn’t fare too well but they would love having you there to play with them and keep their minds off the damage. Young people helping older people, well done.

    Take good care of yourself and your family dear Cosette, we are all thinking of you.
    From Ella in Auckland.

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