“I was freaked out!”-Xavier, 7, Home Schooled

“When it happened I was freaked out! I was at Risingholme and I was in the van. I was smashing into the seat. My baby sister Janaya was SCREAMING! The van was smashing into my Mum. We needed to get our brother because he was at kindy. We saw powerlines hanging down from a shop. I saw lots of cracks in the road and it was flooding. We got my brother and he was under the table at kindy with a dress on and a bow on his head!”

2 Responses to ““I was freaked out!”-Xavier, 7, Home Schooled”

  1. ella says:

    Hi Xavier

    Wow you had a big day on Tuesday when the big earthquake came. I am sorry you went through that and I wish I could stop earthquakes!

    It sounds as though you helped your Mum well whilst she was trying to find your brother at Kindy and with Janaya screaming so loudly.

    I am sure there are lots of hugs in your family right now and that’s a good thing.

    Please take care Xavier, we are thinking of you lots in these times.

    Send my best wishes to your family, friends and school.
    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. terilee says:

    You are verry brave xavier being in that qake!!! Is your brother ok. I would have been freaked out to
    Hope you are ok!!bye

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