“Where are you?”-Lucy, 6, Home school

Last Tuesday an earthquake happened. We were playing in the hallway then we felt the house shaking side to side. Abbey and I ran down to Abbey’s room and hid under thebed. Thehn Mum shouted, “Where are you?” We said, “We are here.” We ran past the smashing wine bottles then we ran under the snooker table. The earthquake stopped. We couldn’t find our dog called Socks but he was in the car. Our cat called Darling was scattering around the house and the dogs were barking. It was very scary.

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  1. ella says:

    Kia ora Lucy

    Gosh you had a big day running around the house when the earthquake happened. I am so happy you are safe and well.

    You are very smart to get under cover with Abbey under the bed, it’s safe to be under something sturdy.

    I bet Mum was very pleased to hear you shout back “we are here.”

    Poor old Socks and Darling they wouldn’t have known what to do and will need lots of comfort now, maybe that will be Abbey’s and your job now?

    Take care Lucy, please send my very best wishes to your family and friends, we are all thinking of you.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Fehoko says:

    Hi Lucy I read your message about the earthquake. We are having muffty. We are raising money for you. We are wearing red and black cause it the colour of Canterbury.We had two minutes of silence on Tuesday.
    Love from Fehoko

  3. qossay says:

    i hope no boyd got hurt

  4. Chantal.Arona says:

    Hi Lucy and Abbey I feel sad for you and your sister. It really scared when the earthquake come. and im so proud of you and your sister because your alive.I was crying because i wacth the news and lots of people stuck in the rubble and that is really sad for Christ Church.We are really lucky because were not from christchurch were from New Zealand.
    Your smart hide on the beb.

    Love Chantal.

  5. hi lucy
    This letter is so safe to read was your cat and dog safe after the earth quake and ilove how you cept safe

    by Savannah

  6. kayla Hutchinson says:

    Dear Lucy,

    We under stand how scary it was. There are pictures on TV that show the damage.
    When you were running through the smashing bottles it must have been real freaky.

    from Anna and Mitchell.

  7. Susan Harper says:

    I’m glad you hid under the bed and the snooker table, thank you for letting me read your writing.

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