‘My story’-Sophie, 7, Home school

One Tuesday I went outside and rode my bike, while we were setting up lots of jumps the earthquake hit. It was a 6.3. Mum was inside, we were outside. Mum told us to stay outside until it finished because the piano was rocking hard.

We went inside and sat in the doorway. Then we had a 5.9, it was scary.

Nana came running to us because cell phones and power and water were out, and she couldn’t ring us. We gave her 100 cups of brandy, well not 100 cups but she drank the bottle so it looked like it.

Then Dad came home, he had walked half way because the traffic was really really busy.

We went and took a look at the liquefaction. Then we went for a walk, we saw a chimney falling down out of a house and bricks fallen down and broken pipes.

Then we got in the car and listened to the radio station, it was a Auckland station because the buildings didn’t have power in Christchurch.

At 4 o’clock we decided to have a sleepover because we still didn’t have power or water and Nana did. So at 5 o’clock we packed and went to Nana’s to stay the night.

When we were at Nana’s Mum remembered we were cooking lunch when it happened and the oven went off in the Earthquake. So Dad and Pup went home and turned off the oven incase the power came back home. At the same time Dad broke the garage trying to close it.

The end.

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  1. Uncle Ben says:

    Sophie – very well writen story!

    Must have been so scary! I was very glad that you were home when the earthquake struck – it would have been even scarier if you had been at school!

    Love you lots

    Uncle Ben

  2. Marichu says:

    Upon reading your letter, I’m happy to know that everyone in your family survived the earthquake in your country.

  3. Dad says:

    Great story Sophie. You should look at getting it published and sell it.

  4. Ella says:

    Hi Sophie

    Gee whizz, you had a big day when the earthquake arrived. I am not surprised you were scared, I would have been too. Most people were pretty scared when it happened.

    Nana was afraid and it was lovely you were so close by so that she could come to you and be with you.

    I have read a lot of stories about Dad’s walking home and often they were muddy, was your Dad?

    Then Dad came home, he had walked half way because the traffic was really really busy.

    The place sounds like a bit of a mess. I cannot imagine what it would be like. And then the garage door getting broken too, what an end to the day.

    I am hoping all that rumbling and tumbling has finished now Sophie and you can pick up your lives again.

    Please take care I am thinking of you all lots.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  5. Deborah says:

    Hi Sophie,

    Your story has all the suspense of being there. It is quite an ordeal what your family and the people of Christchurch have been through. So Thank you for sharing your own story. I am so glad for everyone that your Mum remembered the oven! I hope your piano can still play a tune :)


  6. Sorrry Sophie

    I hope your bike jumps are fine so you can do that another day and your paino is good

    from xavier and louis

  7. Kirsty says:

    Beautiful Sophie,

    Loved reading your story sweetie, am so happy that you and your family are ok. Are you sleeping back in your own bedroom now? Dominick still isn’t, but hopefully he will soon.

    100 cups of Brandy is a whole lot, I hope Nana didn’t drive back to her house that night!

    Hope to see you soon

    Much love
    Kirsty, Ashley and Dominick

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