‘Bang!’-Abi, 7, Windsor School

Bang! I was up a tree when the earthquake happened.My friend Jess in Room 12 helped me to get up the tree, but once I got my feet on it, it started to shake. One of my friends reminded me that it was my birthday and she told me that the earthquake was saying Happy […]

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‘My story’-Emily, 6, Windsor school

I was with Mrs D and my friends Jade and Holly. We ran to the field when the earthquake happened. We sat and we waited for our Mums. I looked after Cadence because she was sad. My friends Will and Lucy stayed for the week. We had no water or power. We went to Grandad […]

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The earthquake was like a big punch in the back. My heart was beating faster than we could run to a safe place. All I could hear was the sound of everyone around me screaming.. I looked all around me and saw the lights falling down. The fish tank beside me burst open and there […]

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“I felt scared”-Hannah, 6, Windsor School

I felt scared but my friend Lucy was with me.  I didn’t like the aftershock and we made our way to the back field and mummy came to get me.

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“I got scared”- Rhys, 7, Windsor School

When the earthquake happened I  got scared. I was at school I was playing  and I rocked around. my grandad picked me up, I was excited.

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‘Get up RJ’- Tahlia, 9, Windsor School

‘Get up RJ’ yelled my Mum, but I couldn’t hear her because I was still asleep. She flung me over her shoulder and ran down the hallway, then pushed me under the table. Just then, Lucas hit his head on the table and yelled, and I became aware of what was happening. It felt like […]

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‘Bang!’- Krystal, 10, Windsor School

‘Bang!’ the t.v. slammed into the hairdryer as the earthquake began. I woke up in shock. My hands were shaking, but not because of the earthquake. I couldn’t move to defend myself, but luckily I looked over at my sister Alyssa who gave me an idea. I put my pillow over my head as I […]

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‘It’s an earthquake!-Logan, 9, Windsor School

I hear the wind getting louder. I hear a noise roar. The house started shaking. I thought it was just the wind but then the bed started shaking. My Dad shouted ‘it’s an earthquake!’ so I ran to the doorway as I could hardly walk. Suddenly it stopped. It was like a simulator and someone […]

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‘Smash!’- Jordan, 9, Windsor School

‘Ahh, what’s happening?’ I shouted! ‘Oscar, are you awake?’ ‘Yes’ Oscar moaned. ‘Smash!’ I keep on hearing glass shatter. ‘Boy, are you guys alright?’ Oscar’s Dad said calmly. ‘Yes’ Oscar and I replied. The shaking finally stopped. We got dressed and got out a torch and some candles for light. There was quite a lot […]

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‘Ahhhhh!’ Mum screams with fright. ‘cling, clang, cling’ my medals were banging together. ‘What’s happening?’ I stammered. Mum grabbed me by my hand and yanked my into the doorway. Dad ripped my little brothers out of bed and threw them to Mum. As we huddled together in my bedroom doorway the house was silent except […]

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‘Get out of bed!’ screamed Mum. My bed shook and my lamp fell on me with a loud bang. ‘Smash!’ ‘Oh no, my lamp’ I said. ‘Get in your doorway!’ screamed Dad. I ran to my doorway. My heart started to race. Then it stopped. No more shaking. Just silence. ‘Is everyone alright?’ ‘Yes’ I […]

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Suddenly with a shake I woke. Strangely, everything was a blur. I thought it was a dream so I dozed off. Then it got worse. My room started shaking. I was screaming but nothing really came out except a tiny whisper. Mum came in screaming ‘It’s an earthquake!’ Following her was the rest of the […]

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‘Ahh, What’s that?’ ‘Get off your bed!’ I try crawling off my bed but every time I move forward, I fall back. So I clutch my arms around my Dad and he pulls me away. I quickly get under a door frame. Then my Mum runs to get my brother from the sleep-out. She runs […]

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