‘It’s an earthquake!-Logan, 9, Windsor School

I hear the wind getting louder. I hear a noise roar. The house started shaking. I thought it was just the wind but then the bed started shaking. My Dad shouted ‘it’s an earthquake!’ so I ran to the doorway as I could hardly walk. Suddenly it stopped. It was like a simulator and someone was throwing our house around. My Dad flicked the lights on but they didn’t work. He went down the hallway to look at something while we were all in the doorway in the dark. The doors kept opening and closing. We ran quickly under the table. It was like a ghost town it was so quiet. My Dad was looking for a radio and a torch and then the house started shaking again. Aftershocks kept on coming over and over. We went back to bed after a while and when I woke up it was like one big dream.

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  1. Harshi says:

    I really enjoyed your story but I am sorry for what happened. Good luck.

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