‘Get up RJ’- Tahlia, 9, Windsor School

‘Get up RJ’ yelled my Mum, but I couldn’t hear her because I was still asleep. She flung me over her shoulder and ran down the hallway, then pushed me under the table. Just then, Lucas hit his head on the table and yelled, and I became aware of what was happening. It felt like the house was flipping upside down and breaking apart. Mum thought a plane had hit our house. No, it was an earthquake. ‘Owww’ yelled Lucas as he hit his head on the table again!

5 Responses to “‘Get up RJ’- Tahlia, 9, Windsor School”

  1. sione and livai says:

    I am sorry about what happened

  2. Ofeina & Ana says:

    We are both very sorry about what happened to your home.
    We really enjoyed your story but we are still sorry to hear the bad news.
    Hope everything goes well.

  3. Kiri says:

    Hi RJ , what was going round your mind when you found out it was an earth-quake , I bet you were scared mostly.I liked your story its great.

  4. Renei tusa and Tatiyanah maama says:

    I’m so sorry about your home being destroyed and i am so sorry about what happend on your street. and i liked you wrote your story get up RJ thank you for your story

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