‘Bang!’- Krystal, 10, Windsor School

‘Bang!’ the t.v. slammed into the hairdryer as the earthquake began. I woke up in shock. My hands were shaking, but not because of the earthquake. I couldn’t move to defend myself, but luckily I looked over at my sister Alyssa who gave me an idea. I put my pillow over my head as I got into the turtle position. I heard a bang outside but I didn’t know what it was. After the earthquake and some aftershocks we heard a loud knock on the door. There was silence. My Nan crept over to the door, Grandad following. ‘Hello’ someone said, scared to death. ‘Ohhh, hello’ my Nan said happily. The earthquake was over. I looked around and saw one shocking thing – my bed had moved! I glanced at Alyssa. She was ok. ‘Krystal’ she said worriedly, ‘are you ok?’ ‘Yeah’ I replied. I thought the shaking had finally subsided, but I thought wrong. ‘Crash!’… Here we go again!

2 Responses to “‘Bang!’- Krystal, 10, Windsor School”

  1. Grace says:

    Your story was amazing, but I am very sorry about what happened.
    I was wondering how do you (if you do) sleep during an aftershock?

  2. Danah Minisita Arahoe School says:

    To Krystal
    What did it feel like in the earthquake?
    Your story was brilliant and beautiful.
    From Danah.

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