‘Bang!’-Abi, 7, Windsor School

Bang! I was up a tree when the earthquake happened.My friend Jess in Room 12 helped me to get up the tree, but once I got my feet on it, it started to shake. One of my friends reminded me that it was my birthday and she told me that the earthquake was saying Happy Birthday to me. But I thought it was saying Happy Shaky Birthday. After a little while my dad came to pick me and my sister, Isla, up. When we got home the back door did not open, so we have to go in the front door until we can fix the back door. We couldn’t get in, so my dad got a brick and smashed the brick into the back door. Then once my mum was back we went to Greymouth.

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  1. Nana Rose says:

    Wonderful story Abi. Nana and Pop loved having you and Isla, Mummy and Daddy to stay in Greymouth after the earthquake. You are all brave people. xx

  2. Ella says:

    Hi Abi

    What a birthday! Well you will never forget that one in a hurry. I have never heard of Happy Shaky Birthday before, but that is quite funny.

    I am pleased to hear you managed to get out of the tree and get home with Dad and Isla. Then when Mum got home it would have been lovely to find yourselves all together.

    Did you have a good time in Greymouth? It is very beautiful there.

    I hope your poor old house has survived and that you are getting back to some kind of normal life.

    I am thinking of you loads Abi and a belated ‘Happy Birthday’.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  3. Jacque says:

    Dedar Abi

    wow – what an awful thing to have happen on your special birthday! I’m pleased your family were safe and that you managed to go to Greymouth for a bit.
    Great story!

    From Jacque

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