‘What’s happening?’- Josh, 9, Windsor School

‘Ahhhhh!’ Mum screams with fright. ‘cling, clang, cling’ my medals were banging together. ‘What’s happening?’ I stammered. Mum grabbed me by my hand and yanked my into the doorway. Dad ripped my little brothers out of bed and threw them to Mum. As we huddled together in my bedroom doorway the house was silent except for my medals still smacking together. The faint sound of the waves hitting the sand was making our whole house feel like a ghost town. When it was silent again, we moved through the darkness to the biggest doorway in the house. Dad went into family protection mode and rushed around. Our house is right next to the beach, so we bolted to my Nana’s house in Avonhead in case there was going to be a tsunami. At 4:00 in the afternoon, we went home and found that we had power and water back on. What a relief!

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  1. Arahoe School says:

    We really enjoyed your story, especially the ghost town part. Was it shaking? From Room 24

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