‘My story’-Sophie, 12, Kaiapoi Borough School

On Saturday the 4th of September 2010,at 4:30 am,I was lying in my awake. I was daydreaming about food,when my window began to rattle and the whole house began to sway.I sat up in bed,trying to work out where the noise and the shaking were coming from, and what on earth was making the house […]

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‘Rrrunnnn!’-Jamie, Templeton Primary

Me and my friends were walking around the school all of a sudden we felt like we were surfing along the ground only it wasn’t fun it was terrifying! We thought it was only a little aftershock but it got bigger and we realised it was a earthquake. To this day my heart goes to […]

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‘Earthquake story’- Liam, 11, Templeton-Primary

I was playing cricket on the court with my friends then suddenly the ground started moving and a rumbling sound emerged and people started running onto the field scared and worried, people screaming doors slammed, windows rattled, even the teachers looked frightened. Once it stopped, me and my friends returned to the court and continued […]

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On a rolly, quaky Tuesday at twelve o’clock lunchtime when I was still eating my lunch … the city was rolling and quaking. I ran onto the field like everyone else. But someone was having a good in Australia, my cousin Max. I felt really, really safe when mum came to pick me up.

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I was at school when the earthquake happened. I felt sad but my brother was safe but he started to cry. Then, 10 minutes after my Dad picked us up.

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“Is everybody OK?”-James, 6

I was in the big field when the earthquake went and I got scared and water started coming under my feet.  I ran to my class.  My teacher ran back to my class and said “is everybody OK?”.  She knew the people crying was not OK.  Then we went to the field and then my teacher […]

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‘Earthquake story’-Lucy, 5, Discovery 1 School

I was In The city at school in the earthquake. it was scary. My school evacuated into the Botanical Gardens. I waited behind the fountain with my friend’s Mummy Karyn. She looked after me until my Dad came. When my Dad came, I ran out and cuddled him and burst into tears. When we were […]

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I was in the library with one of my best friends. We were trying to choose one out of three books to take out. Then… It started shaking like wild. We flung ourselves to the floor. We looked up and the really long lights started swinging. We tried to run but were pushed over again […]

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When the earthquake shook I was just putting my lunch away. two techers yelled turtle. There were a couple other kids and we got sent to the senior field. When I was at the senior field the principal Mrs Torry then said, “grab a partner and go to the joinur field.“ When we got there […]

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On the 22nd of February we were playing when a 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch at 12:51pm. I find it hard to remember how I felt but it makes me feel sick to think about it. My heart is with the people that have lost loved ones. Many historic buildings have been destroyed. In the […]

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I was at school when the earthquake hit. I was in the classroom and all of us went under our tables until the ground stoped moving. During the earthquake the power went of. After the earthquake the principal came round the classrooms to check if we were ok. The teacher let us have our cellphones […]

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When My Home Shook

This website is a resource to hear how Canterbury primary and intermediate school children personally overcame the recent disaster and provides personal accounts on how the community came together to help one another. Submit your story to mystory@whenmyhomeshook.co.nz and include your first name, age and school.  Stories can be as long or as short as […]

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