‘Earthquake story’-Lucy, 5, Discovery 1 School

I was In The city at school in the earthquake. it was scary. My school evacuated into the Botanical Gardens. I waited behind the fountain with my friend’s Mummy Karyn. She looked after me until my Dad came. When my Dad came, I ran out and cuddled him and burst into tears. When we were driving down the road, there was an aftershock. The aftershock was so big that we felt it in the car. A lady was on one side of the road and on the other was a house that suddenly fell down. The lady across the road screamed as if it was her Mummy in the house. People started running down the footpath to see if anyone was inside. Then a lady came running out from the house with her mouth open and her hand over her mouth because she was surprised but noone was in the house. When we got home, Lenny was outside and he lifted me up and gave me a big hug. There was a dog inside his house, that he had picked up on the road after the earthquake. There was some liquefaction around his house and on our driveway. For pudding we had a banana cake, that had just come out of the oven before the earthquake. My brother had made some biscuits that were in the oven when the earthquake hit and made the power go off, which made the oven go off. The biscuits were still on the tray and they are delicious. I am eating one right now.

the end

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  1. Ella says:

    Hi Lucy

    It is amazing you can write and eat a scrummy biscuit at the same time, when I try to do both I make crumbs all over the computer, so I have to be very careful.

    You had a big day when the earthquake came and rattled everything, I am so sorry that you had another big one there.

    After that wait for Dad to pick you up it is not surprising that you burst into tears as you hugged him, it’s quite normal.

    You seem to have had a few hugs now I hope you get lots more…and yummy banana cake.

    Take care, we are all thinking of you.
    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Brett says:

    That’s a great story Lucy. I was really happy to hear you were ok, I was worried about you being in town when the quake hit.

  3. Myriam from Melbourne says:

    I really liked reading your story Lucy. It sounds like it was a bit scary but you managed very well. See you soon!!! Myriam xo

  4. kelly says:

    what a brave girl, Lucy!!! – noah’s mum

  5. Karen Toll says:

    Hi Lucy,
    Tilly and Jasper say the earthquake was really scary for them too. We loved having you in our class and would love to have you back but we are happy that your school is reopening in a new place. We hope you are having fun with your friends again. Ashley and Maisie loved the letters you sent them and say ‘thank you’. we all miss you and if you come back to visit we hope you bring some of those yummy biscuits!
    Love from Room 15, Tahunanui School, Nelson

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