‘My story’-Sophie, 12, Kaiapoi Borough School

On Saturday the 4th of September 2010,at 4:30 am,I was lying in my awake. I was daydreaming about food,when my window began to rattle and the whole house began to sway.I sat up in bed,trying to work out where the noise and the shaking were coming from, and what on earth was making the house shake. When the shaking ceased,I ran out of my bedroom and into the hallway,to find my brother and father standing there,surrounded by shattered glass.Dad told me it had been an earthquake.I was still in shock of the sheer violence of the shake,and also at the fact our 86 year old house was still standing. After a while we all (Mum,Dad,James and I)went into the lounge,to be greeted by the most revolting smell; mum’s brand-new bottle of chutney had smashed all over the kitchen floor!We all had to put our jackets up to block the smell, as we had no water to clean it up with.Dad lit the candles on the candelabra and James (attempted) to calm the dog.This didn’t work,as the dog tried to eat his hand. Awhile later,my uncle arrived,looking as though he had sen a ghost.My uncle lives in Pines Beach, so him and my cousins were heading to Oxford in case there was a Tsunami. It was not until later that afternoon that our power came back on,and a week until our water came back on. I will always remember the September earthquake as one of the scariest things I have ever experienced, but I know that we were very lucky on the grand scale of things.I am alive, shaken,but alive.

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