‘My story’-Abigail, 7, Somerfield School

When the earthquake shook I was just putting my lunch away. two techers yelled turtle. There were a couple other kids and we got sent to the senior field. When I was at the senior field the principal Mrs Torry then said, “grab a partner and go to the joinur field.“ When we got there we then found out that there was no power. My teacher said to comfort other children. When my mum got to school we got home and had power.

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  1. Miss Wright says:

    Hello Abigail. What a fantastic story. Thank you for sharing it with us. We are a room of 6 and 7 year olds from Botany Downs Primary School in Howick, Auckland. We were very sorry for what happened to you all in Christchurch and we hope that you are safe and well. Lots of love from us all, Room 17.

  2. Ella says:

    Dear Abigail

    How amazing that you were able to get into a turtle as soon as the shake started.

    It sounds as though your teachers looked after you very well and also you did some comforting of the children too. That’s a kind thing to do.

    I am sure your Mum would have been very pleased to see you and whisk you back home.

    Great news you have the power on at home, it would be very hard if you did not.

    I am glad you are ok Abigail, please look after yourself, I am thinking of you lots and hope all goes well from now on.

    From Ella in Auckland.

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