I was really scared in the Earthquake. I was at school eating lunch outside by the playground and i was just about to put my lunch box away but then the ground started shaking. When the ground was shaking all we could see was dust on the cliffs. I started running onto the field because […]

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‘Terrifying Day’-Sheri, 7, Sumner School

I was at school and showing the duty teacher my lunch box when arrrgh an aftershock happenend.  Then everybody ran straight onto the field.  My babysitter lived across the road and she came before my mum.  When my mum showed up I felt much better.  Then we went up on a hill.  My neighbours children […]

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When the Earthquake hit I was at Sumner School my friends was crying I was too. I saw rocks falling and dust. My teachers come out with the roll to see if we was here we all were. My dad came down to pick me up, some parents didn’t come so them kids went to […]

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‘My story’-Hannah, 7, Sumner School

While we were at school there was an earthquake.   An enormous one.  It happened while my sister and me were showing the duty teacher our lunch boxes. Then bang it happened. I ran to the field, I was really scared .  When I saw my mum I felt safer.   After we hopped in the car […]

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‘My story’-Sam, 8, Sumner School

When the earth shook everyone screamed and people fell off the table. Then the teachers told us to go on to the field, and then my mum came. We went home and my Nana came and helped to clean up. We had dinner and we slept in the lounge. The next morning we packed up […]

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‘My story’- Violet, 5, Sumner School

When I was at school I feeled the earthquake and our teacher came inside with room 3 because the earthquake was still shaking. I was eating my sausage and the sausage fell out of the bread. And we had to go on the field to be safe. We had to walk over to another school […]

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‘The Big Earthquake’-Isla, 7, Sumner School

On Tuesday there was a big earthquake at lunchtime. It was so big it knocked me over on to the concrete. I felt sad because it hurt me. Then all the school had to go onto the field. Then I found my friends and my sister and I checked that she was ok. I was […]

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