‘The ground started shaking’-Holly, 8, Sumner School

I was really scared in the Earthquake. I was at school eating lunch outside by the playground and i was just about to put my lunch box away but then the ground started shaking. When the ground was shaking all we could see was dust on the cliffs. I started running onto the field because everyone else was running there and the teacher told us to go on the field and find our teacher. I saw someone fall off the monkey bars and drop to the ground. I was worried about my little brother because he was at preschool and he has never been in an earthquake before and he might have been really scared. we all went to van asch field and we all gathered around to wait for our mums and dads. when we were waiting we felt heaps more aftershocks and we saw rocks falling down from cliffs. then my dad finally came on his bike because there was heaps of traffic and he had to leave his car in town. he told us to wait with a friend while he went to find a car.

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  1. Sukhdeep Kaur says:

    I feel really sorry for you and all of the people down in Christchurch.
    I hope that everything will be fixed in time.!.!.!

  2. Sukhdeep Kaur says:

    I feel really sorry for you and all of the people down in Christchurch.
    I hope that everything will be fixed in time.!.!.!

  3. Katie and Emma says:

    That sounds scary i hope you are alright and are safe with your family.

  4. taemin&Lewis says:

    how was it like to be in an earthquake?

  5. Katie and Emma says:

    You are such a brave girl for dealing with this. I hope you and your family are safe
    and that if there are any more aftershocks, that nothing will happen to your family and friends.We hope that Christchurch can be rebuilt, and that everything will go back to normal. Love life :] From Katie and Emma :-)

  6. denzil and daniel says:

    your story makes the earthquake sound more scary than the news.we were amazed about the second earthquake and really scared because i have family down in cristchurch. from denzil and daniel.

  7. Jack says:

    I hope your brother is okay, are you? well my mum has donated $100 that may help you get better

  8. Ella says:

    Dear Holly

    Thanks for your story to tell us what the earthquake was like for you.

    I understand how it was scary for you, I would have been scared too and I am an adult.

    Well done for runnning so fast to the field and keeping yourself safe, that’s very good and your teachers sound very caring to look after you so well.

    How is your little brother now? I hope is getting lots of hugs from his big sister!

    Wasn’t it great when your Dad turned up? He would have been really pleased to see you.

    Remember we haven’t forgotten you, we are working hard to raise some money, I see the TV show on at breakfast time on TVNZ1 are making bacon butties this morning to sell…!

    Take care. From Ella in Auckland.

  9. ashley says:

    wow ive only been in a earthquake 1 i was in whakatane but now i live in morrinsville the earth quake must be scary

  10. Jordan Rogers says:

    I feel so sorry for you. I can’t believe you went through all this and I have a 6 year old bro I am 8!!!

  11. Ellie Nicholson says:

    poor you i think your dad is very nice to do that for you. i would be real scared about my family and i would cry .i am 8 and never been in a earthquake.

  12. Lukas and Yeakang says:

    Dear Holly,
    We have heard about the devastating earthquake. When we heard about the earthquake we were very shocked . We are very happy that you are okay!It must have been really scary when the sudden earthquake hit. Hope your family and friends are okay . Thank you for sharing your story! Sorry we nearly forgot to say that we go to Northcote Intermediate School!

    Your Sincerely Lukas and Yeakang

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