“All that matters we are alive”-Joshua, 7, Sumner School

When the Earthquake hit I was at Sumner School my friends was crying I was too. I saw rocks falling and dust. My teachers come out with the roll to see if we was here we all were. My dad came down to pick me up, some parents didn’t come so them kids went to Van ash college, my dad and me went to find my Mummy My Mummy works in a big building in Papanui. She is on the third floor there is a lot of floors, I am glad she wasn’t on the top floor. I was very worried about her. My mummy went to Woolston to wait for us to pick her up. She was at Holy Smoke Café; she couldn’t have anything to eat because they didn’t have power and water. It took me and my Daddy six hours to get to my Mummy. We went everywhere but the roads were closed. We saw a lot of liquefaction, holes in the roads, holes in the pathways. My daddy was having to drive all of the place as Christchurch was a big mess. My daddy was looking after me and he was also worried about my Mummy. We saw people very scared and worried I think they were also trying to get back to see there family. We had to park a long way and walk to get Mummy. The traffic was mental and the roads were very busy. When I saw my Mummy, I ran as fast as I could, she grabbed me and hugged me so tight she was squeezing me. She was happy to see us. We then tried to drive home to Sumner. We had to go over the hills, there were lots of rocks and boulders on the road, it took a long time and we saw diggers cleaning the rocks up. All that matters we are alive Joshua S

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  1. Ella says:

    Hi Joshua

    Wow… when you saw the rocks falling I can imagine that was pretty frightening and I am so glad you are all safe.

    Dad would have been so pleased to see you when he came to pick you up. And what a long time to get to Mummy, what a great feeling to see each other again, did you ache after your Mum squeezed you so hard?

    I have seen some of the mess in Christchurch on the TV and it is sad to see, but you are very, very right… you are alive and with your family. A big Hooray!

    All the very best to you and your family, take great care of yourself, you are a courageous person and Canterbury needs you.

    From Ella in Auckland.

  2. Malia and Jessica says:

    I am so glad your mum was o.k. It must have been very scary not knowing if your mum was o.k or not. We like your title it is very suitable and very grown up.

  3. Aaran says:

    Hi Joshua

    That story is so sad at such a young age and i hope that you and your family are okay and will get throgh this experience. You must have had a lot of braveness to cope with this horid experience. A huge pat on the back to you and i hope that Christchurch will get better.
    From Aaran

  4. Jacque says:

    Hi Joshua.

    I bet that even though your Mummy was squeezing you tight, it was the best hug you have ever had, especially being as frightened and worried as you were that day.
    I know it has all been a very long and sad time for you – I saw it when I came down to help the Christchurch people for a couple of weeks. But you are absolutely right when you say “all that matters is we are alive”. You sound like a very big and very brave boy. And as Aaron says in his comments, Christchurch will get better. Well done buddy!!
    From Jacque

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